I've heard the No Airport Sticker ticket is 450 now

I have to ask…anyone in this group get the tickets given out by HPD at Hobby today? I was waiting for a client for my other job and saw HPD give out 6 tickets in the 20mins I was standing there…1 to a Lyft/Uber driver parking in limo parking and the rest for no airport sticker…lol Must be making bank to pay those fines on a “free” airport sticker :joy:

I know the cars that got the tickets :joy: Also saw the blue F150 w/temp tags blocking in 2 limos cause he had no sticker just to get his 2 pax (who were too fragile to be climbing into a truck, much less putting all their luggage in it by themselves :roll_eyes:)

HPD was writing the tickets as they were pulling into zone 5 and handing them to them before they drove off…lol Airport operations and HPD have been cracking down at both airports the past week. They have been checking limo stickers, driver ID’s and pax manifests

OMG! CLOSE CALL FOR ME THEN. I will copy my post i just did. Easier that way. But how in the hell do i get a pick up from there? Do i have to cancel if i get them? And effect my rate because i don’t have a sticker?

You need an airport sticker to pick up at Bush/Intercontinental and at Hobby, but those are the only two. There are smaller airports around the city (Ellington, Hooks, Sugarland, etc.) that you do not need the sticker for. The sticker is free, but you have to pay to park in Terminal A up at IAH to get it, and that’s the ONLY place you can get the sticker. And as you see, if you try to pick up at HOU or IAH without a sticker, you risk getting a ticket.

If you’re picking up at the general aviation side, you just drive up to the terminal from Highway 3. There’s no reason you can’t get in anywhere except NASA or the military side.

2yrs ago it was @$250. Thats when you had to have the green TNC sticker and TNC Permit to operate inside the loop.

Just go get the damn free sticker people.
Even if you dont do the lot its still worth your time.
I cant tell you how man Airport pickups ive received without ever being in the lot.
Not to mention the occasional rematch.

I think some people don’t get the sticker is because after you get it the city knows you drive for a ride share company and will start to tax you for your car .

Had mine for 2+yrs and have never been taxed either. I never heard of the tax until just over a year ago…maybe only the drivers that started after the lax on regulations?

One time those ARA bastards wrote me a ticket for not wearing a tie (as a limo driver). I’m still upset about that to this day and it was years ago.

I currently drive for a limo company…you dont require ties anymore but the ticket for not getting your green slip is $250

HPD is cracking down. Get the sticker - it’s a pain in the a**, but worth it. I also keep seeing posts about HPD catching drivers holding phones for other drivers to hold their place in line in the queues…? I don’t know if it’s true and I really don’t understand the reasoning behind this fraud, but the IAH queue has been more tolerable the last few days.

Have paper copies of everything when you show up for the sticker.

They won’t accept an insurance card on your phone, they won’t let you email them, you will have to fax anything you’re missing.