I've heard Ozium spray is a good thing to use for smelly cars

I use it, but have no clue if it works. I do know that it is heavy unlike Febreeze, so if you spray Ozium around the car, leave it for a while and then open the door to get the Ozium out of the car.

I used to be a detailer so here’s what you can do scrub the interior of the car with water and distilled vinegar or simple green for hard services then powder the carpets with baking soda and scrub them with water , then shampoo them with simple green all over again, vacuum with a wet dry shop vac .

Is it possible the smell is inside the vents and not from you and your 1 star meals? I’d Google it these days there is a video for everything. I replaced my brakes watching a video. I don’t recommend it but it worked for me. I would let it air out with the windows or sunroof open overnight or something.

I’ll be getting to that soon (hopefully next weekend, got to get a LOT of fares to get this weekend to help with my child support payments I’m due) and will try to get everything as cheap as possible to help save more munney.

use only distilled vinegar do not use apple cider vinegar or anything you use for drinking. Lexol is for leather. never use window cleaner on leather surfaces its skin you have to feed it and condition it. other cleaners and detergent with bleach it in cause cracking over time.

Toss the apple cider vinegar. Get a spray bottle at the dollar store, a little goes a long way. I didn’t believe it but it works, half water half white vinegar and I shake the spray bottle before I use it. Get a dishwashing brush, everything will be gone.

The car will stink of a new smell. lol Dilute the vinegar, the spray bottle is best. That solution eats everything, I was surprised how well it works. Crack a window during the day then to air out the vinegar and other smells.

I’m not convinced the smells are from the stuff you mention. I’d bet its in the vents, could be mold and mildew. Google your car year make and model, its probably not just you.

Will putting box of baking soda in the car remove odor like it does in the refrigerator ? I’m curious. Sometimes people fart in my car and smell lingers on. I have cloth so I’m afraid the foul smell sticks to the cloth

That’s a good idea I didn’t think of, which is why I’m new here! lol I think you still need to remove the source of the odor. The car is basically sealed like a frig, can’t hurt but I can see it toppling over with the way I drive.

I’ve heard of people taking their cars to a detailer who uses and “Ionizer”…at least I think that’s what it’s called. It’s a machine that pulls air through the vents, so it neutralizes the whatevers in the cabin filters, as well as all the upholstery and carpet.

It’s what they also use to remove cigarette odors from interiors before putting used cars on dealer lots. Don’t really know much about it, other than I have heard people talk about it before.

That is a really good idea. Either get one for your car online or grab one for your house. The home angle is better, you’ll be shocked how dirty your air is. Get a power inverter for the car, under $20 will charge your phone just like plugging it in at home, power a laptop or tablet and toss the ionizer in the back seat for a few hours.

There’s something that detailers do which is called an “ozone treatment”. It will get rid of any smell you have in the car. Another thing you may consider on top of that is to stem clean seats and carpets. This will eventually bring back the freshness to your car.

Blunt Spray. Yeah I know it seems like a joke, but that’s the actual name of it. A buddy of mine had a bottle of this stuff and let me use it (only a couple of sprays will do the trick). I haven’t bought a bottle cause of the price but if they sell it where you are, get it. It’s pure perfume oil hence the reason why only the two sprays.

Quit eating smelly food in your car and carrying extra packets. You can step out to eat fast food and get rid of the wrappers. Have your car detailed and the smells you claim are trapped in the ventilation system will disappear.

Do you think the acetone (gonna try for 100%) and some rigorous scrubbing should work fine? The description says works on automotive surfaces and will get tar/glue, which as far as I can tell, is the closest substance the backseat mess resembles.