I've got a sign, lit up at night, describing the tips policy precisely

Waters are on deck to buy me a moment to type in their destination on waze, because taking directions from neandertholic youths makes me want to throw up on television. So at the end of the week, at least someone or a few people will shell out enough in cash tips to pay for the waters a few times over, and the water costs me a days worth of Dunkin Donuts (Medium iced Caramel Swirl with a little milk and a Turbo shot) And it gains me the ability to get the destination in Waze, routing me around the AssSmash traffic of Boston. It’s worth it…kinda.

Am sorry but unless you truly just like giving out water, using it as a way to by time to put in the address in waze is a poor excuse.

W/ every single pax I get, I first confirm that the destination in the app is where they are trying to go. If they didn’t put one, I ask what the destination is. As they say it to me, I already have Google maps open & type in the location.

I then ask if they have a preferred way to get there. If they say no, I inform them I will follow google maps & make a comment on how I like that it finds the shortest optimal route based on traffic conditions which in turn saves them money & me miles on my car.

Well let’s see. It’s important to come up with a decent opening line. I think “hi” works in all social scenarios, except maybe in the hood, where you’d greet someone "what up "

If you are directing that comment towards me then don’t be so naive. Just because I didn’t type the part where I start off w/ “good day ma’am or sir, pls can I confirm where we are heading today” doesn’t mean I don’t greet the pax prior to inquiring about their destination smart a**

That reminds me of a CYE episode where a person (in a circle of people) starts off by whispering the word “telephone or something like that” to the person next to them and when it gets to Larry David, some where along the line, there were some misinterpretations, and by the time it got around to him the word was “breasts”. Go figure.

this is why i said you dont hit on women or use any creepy lines, you allow them if they are interested, to hit on you during normal respectful convo. i have been asked up a few times so far. (though never went just gave them my card) i like talking to people(men and women) ,i enjoy it and truthfully its part of why i continued to do it.

I think saying the basic “hi” hello" good afternoon/evening, should be suffice. Doesn’t have to be anything spectacular, unless of course you already know the person and you’re used each others style of banter.

I was all like “@@@@@ I give out water because, along with my sign clarifying the tips policy, it induces the occasional tip which pays for the water several times over, and seemingly keeps my rating high.”

It’s really simple guys, don’t shit where you eat!

Besides, it’s so much easier finding people at Barnes and Noble on a Friday night or OK Cupid.

I have an idea, why don’t you meet women through friends, school, volunteering and not when they are your captive audience? God, I hope you’re never my Uber driver you creepy f***.

I just started this PT gig a couple months ago on Lyft, basically Friday and Saturday nights. Only drove for Lyft for about 6 weeks until Uber recruit program started.

The harassment and perverts out there are making me second guess whether this is a good part time job for female drivers. It gets worse when you drive friday/saturday nights, too many drunk passengers hitting on you.

All I have to do is wait for her to say, “You should come and hang out with us! You seem fun!”

I get a version of this from 21 on up… I’m 34.

As a general rule, if you are a driver and hitting on women, you already appear as if you are using the job to meet women and they can read that. Acting aloof as if they are 1 of a million like the others and they will talk to you. The same game you can run in a bar is the game you can run in a car.