I've been propositioned 3 times this week

I have changed nothing with my appearance, demeanor, driving style,etc… Only change in my entire life is that I’m seeing someone now, do you think that’s why? I don’t know how to answer these without risking a low rating… How do you ladies handle this?

Your happiness from a new relationship must be shining thru!!! Just smile and say no thanks and enjoy the fact you still got “it” whatever it is haha

Are we talking creepy won’t-take-no-for-an-answer kind of propositions or just “hey you’re cute can I buy you a drink”?

Just say no! I do that now. When I tried to be nice about it I found I had more of a chance at low ratings. I’ve found tough love to work. If they think there’s any wiggle room they’ll keep trying.

I ALWAYS get hit on 10x more when I’m in a relationship than when I’m single. Men and women always want what they can’t have.

Creepy. Never happens to me… Lol. One time a teenager told me, “Hey, you are a really nice older lady.” hahahahaha

I’ve been asked out, no biggie. I say thanks but I’m not interested. I try to keep it light and not make it awkward, no one has ever gotten weird or persisted. I’m sure it will happen though.

I used to dress nice/professional. Slacks and a blouse…not low cut or anything…matter of fact it’s the same type of clothes I wear to my retail job…after 2 weekends of dropping drunk guys off at strip clubs and them treating me like I’m a hooker (literally Propositioning me) not just asking me out or if I’m.single…I changed my appearance. Oh and believe you me I reported their stupid butts…I now wear what I used as an emt. True specs, polo, ball cap, and have my old badge on the visor…haven’t had a single one mess with me since and ratings have actually gone up

You can wear a turtle neck and full Nun gear .Clothes have nothing to do with some men are just jerks…Report it !!

Say something like “hampf…I don’t think it would make my *_______ very happy” *(fill in your preference) and then mention something about their up coming heavy weight boxing competition :slight_smile:

Tell them your “'BF just got back from an 18 month special Forces tour in Syria. He only killed a half dozen or so guys with his bare hands, would you like to meet him??”"

That does nothing, I told a guy that once (well similar to that lol) and he was bragging about taking some self defense class and was now some “expert” now. The thirsty men out there act like theres no tomorrow lol

When you’re getting some on the regular, you’re happier and more fun, more relaxed and therefore more attractive.

When the ride is over rate them and leave a comment. They report back to you about the situation. You can also ask to not be paired with them for all future requests.

I had a creepy drunk guy hit … on me at 3:30 AM “what do you say we pull over and have some fun while we are out here…” We we’re out in the middle of nowhere, on a country road I told him I was flattered but my boyfriend was waiting for me at home… and expected me home soon… I was nice about it because I didn’t want an offended, horny, pissed off drunk guy on my hands… He took No for an answer and the ride ended without incident … Thank goodness!! Had he touched me I would if pressed charges.

I agree with the ovulating comment. It’s weird. That time of every month it’s almost like I’m wearing a beacon that says FERTILE…men are still men, no matter what level of sophistication they have achieved. I politely but firmly say no thank you, and change the subject.

I am 48 Since my divorce in March I have had 20& 30 year olds hitting on me continually… through uber and my personal life… lol it floors me

I personally believe that when theres a person in one’s life we have hormonal changes and us humans can smell and feel or somehow the imbalances like a pregnant women with out signs of pregnancy will be more attractive to men well from what I have personally seen

Just curious, do you drive in the desert ( Palm springs area) I live in Wisconsin now, but went to Indio high school. Are there enough rides there to stay busy?

I was hit on once, his name was Chad. Chad was extremely intoxicated that night. Chad went home alone that night.