It's very hit and miss in my area

The other day I went out and didn’t wait longer than five minutes for a ping all day. The next day I went out and sat for over an hour before my first request.
I used to look at the rider app for cars around me but came to the conclusion that that was largely a waste of time.

Been waiting for about half hour outside this humongous hotel… No light in room… or maybe it’s blocked by curtains. Time to find the different fishing hole.

I park behind the building which places me closer to the rooms ,if pax orders from is 29 stories high.I watch how many lights come on in rooms for occupancy,and estimate of potential airport trips. If I don’t get a call, I cruise canal Street or Poydres lined with multi storied hotels.I look to my right ,an Uber driver !look to my left another Uber driver !

Why am I sitting here online waiting for nothing when I could be doing something else while offline, like running an errand, reading a book, playing a game… I can still look at the apps every few minutes and they will let me know if its getting busy in 2 easy ways.

When a market hits this level of driver saturation your best approach is a sit by the river and let the corpses of your enemies float by. BUt you have to have the stores to outlast the siege. THis is the reality of a volatile business and Uber is doing everything it can to make it more volatile for the drivers so don’t do this if you need stability.

You come to big hotel you seen taxi car long line up one by one, but they doing fine, you don’t need rider app, just be near them, until they get ride and went away than your ping will be next.

Some of the drivers might not have the skills to drive in the more remote areas. This I know because some of my remote pickups south of my city are very difficult. No signs, no house numbers, and often no cell service.

Personally I think they prefer the grinders who are out there all day making sure people can get rides throughout the day to help keep their customers happy and grow their market share. Uber does not care about surge, they only care about market share. I can make $35 an hour with just 1 airport run, and no where in their ads do they say anything about average.

Grinders are expendable. If uber had to use the grinders average hourly to market to new drivers no one but the desperate would sign up. I used to get $35 SAN runs at 1x from my couch, but not after the rate cuts, driver saturation and POOL. Hanging out online waiting for those 1x SAN runs is no longer worth it because they are few and far between and don’t pay $35 anymore.

So you sit in your car with your app online waiting for a ping not looking at your rider app because that is more productive? Why wouldn’t you be taking a look from time to time to see if some other drones had surrounded you and created a dead zone with you in the middle?

This guy telling people to go wait around a hotel with a bunch of taxi drivers waiting for them to get rides first. It’s obviously a troll, I treat trolls like trolls. stop being the defender of trolls. THere are mods here that can tell the difference, you aren’t a mod. and his user name is a play on Donald trump. stop being so naive.

Are you stating that saturated suburban areas are bad to drive in? Speak for yourself, rookie. 2hours and no requests? That’s a treat haha. I find those the best areas to drive. If you’re on the hourly guarantee, you want to have low miles, short trips, min. amount of trips and get paid more.

Often times closest to the pin means you’re behind the hotel. No one walks out of the lobby and requests an uber while standing next to the bell hop unless they can’t get a cab immediately. Taxi game isn’t the same game we play, similar but different. WHy not just park your car, and go to the center of the hotel building and wait. If you really need a short hotel ride that bad.

Most hotel rides aren’t going much farther than 5 miles because people usually stay near the place they want to be. Exceptions being huge event weekends like comicon when all the Dtown hotels are booked solid and you got the outer ones filled too.

Yes, guarantees are nationwide. But, if you don’t have any guarantees/incentives offered to you during the week/weekend, you shouldn’t be driving. Period. Also, $34/hr is super low. Other areas like LA get $40+/hr.

$34/hr is super low?? id give up my right arm if we ever got guarantees like that here in Philly… in Philly $23/hr guarantee is high, normally I get offers that are 20/21

I average over $30 an hour when I drive rook! No one here thinks deadmiling more than 10 minutes to a surge zone is a good idea dumdum unless its a planned event and still IMO probably a waste of time these days with so many noob drivers out there like you droning around with their app online. THere’s a difference between chasing surge and surge driving, read up on it.