It's pretty pointless to worry about ratings at all

Do your thing, if you get deactivated then the people have spoken, driving isn’t for you. Not like it’s glamorous, I do well, but it’s still twenty bucks an hour pretty steady, not going to get rich, big deal. Big fares are nice but little ones bring it back down to twenty pretty quick. Why is everyone so desperate to hang on to a drive people around in your own car for very little money job. Not that great. I only do it because the flexibility is very high. Really the only upside.

But the truth of the matter, high ratings are pointless anyway. The driver rating system is so hopelessly flawed from a statistical POV that it is an utterly meaningless. I currently have a 4.98 rating, but I take no pride in it because there is no statistical significance in the value.

I just quit my $10 an hour desk job to do Uber full time. I like to a drive people around in my own car for more money then I was making behind a desk answering calls that I didn’t want to take.

I also like the convenience of being my own boss I can take the day off if I want show up to work late without having to worry if I’m going to have a job when I do show up. Uber is by far the best job I have had!

If your smart and effective you can do better than a ten dollar an hour job on Uber. Really boils down to desperation, if your desperate enough you’ll be doing too many rides for too little money, if your not desperate you can sit back play surges and make decent money.

My rate is up about ten bucks an hour since the last cuts, but every market is different. I live on the border between the two best surge zones in Phoenix, so I’m able to capitalize on the really high surges, hitting two trips over eighty bucks each of the last three weeks, most trip payouts are around thirty bucks, nothing below 1.8x.

If you live in the burbs, go get another job?? Lol How about go post up in the city where it’s busy. BTW I park right in the middle of a surge and stupid Uber Always sends me outside of the surge. I am refusing every call that is 7-12 miles away with no surge! UBER’s way of sending out pings SUCKS!

Its very busy where I am. I am in Palm Beach County, Florida. I am next to Palm Beach International Airport and about an hour from Fort Lauderdale Airport. Its always surging here if I work half a day I make about $100 a day in fares after Uber get its 20%. Most of the time its so busy once I drop off I get pinged in around the same area of the last ride.

No need to get so defensive. You can be as aware as you want. But when that other unaware driver rear ends you while you sill have pax in the car, it will not be pretty. If you have full commercial insurance, then by all means

Of course, you will get those disgruntled people who just hate life, but that’s why your rating dips down from 5 but no more than a 4.7 if you do follow the 3 steps above. The more trips you do, the less these bad customers will affect your rating.

This was three weeks in when Uber came out. I was making an easy $1100-$1500 with three to four days off. Acceptance rate 100%. I was using a 2004 Chevy cavalier. The people I encountered were not very cavalier. I used multiple techniques that MOST would not have had the balls to use in order to get my rating back up. Not once have I ever been threatened to get deactivated. I also gave out cold water and gum.

How exactly does taking defensive driving protect you from some idiot(probably your age) who is texting while driving and/or intoxicated and rear ends you?? I’m really curious to learn from your vast knowledge

Stop being a dumb ass know it all and learn.

I am not “paranoid” in the least. Life experiences have made me cautious and responsible. I have a lifetime of responsibilities & I have taken every precaution to protect my wife & I. Same reason I have a dashcam…small investment that could protect me from some @@@@@ who wants to say I did something inappropriate. Not paranoid…just cautious