It's not my place to assume


(David Smith) #1

If still a little confused by something: When I asked Uber about underage passengers they said “If you think they’re underage you can ask for ID”, but what if I don’t even pose the question to myself? Then I asked about cancelling and the said you don’t get the fee, and it DOES count against your acceptance rate because “we follow the rules”. That seems to imply they prefer don’t ask, don’t tell. What do you think? I also hear from people saying when they did refuse the passengers have accused them of being drunk, racist, or even trying to assault them resulting in all sorts of bad things happening to the driver.

(Audrina Jameson) #2

I do the same. A couple that looked underage were in 3rd yr university and I was glad I hadn’t asked.

(Peter Dave) #3

I find the best way to deal with this is, if you think the pax is underage just shut the fuck up and take the money. Even if something did happen, the TOS doesn’t tell us to police it and they (the pax) or rather account holder would assume liability as they are the ones in violation of the contract. People make way to big a deal out of this.

(Mitchel) #4

Yeah except you have no insurance if something happens. Uber’s insurance will not cover you because the TOS says you cannot transport riders under 18 and their insurance says if you are breaking the TOS during an accident they do not cover. SO car wreck under 18 gets hurt you are screwed for a long long time.

(Haris_McMan) #5

And what happens if that service animal goes flying and breaks it’s neck? Does Uber cover that? Because while we have to take them, we don’t have the proper equipment to protect them in accidents.

(Amanda Halen) #6

It makes zero mention of service animals and it makes zero mention of the age of the passenger. Last time I checked dogs aren’t considered occupants any more than service rabbits are. And if it doesn’t explicitly mention animals or the age of the occupant you’re going by what you assume the insurance company would say. It’s not illegal to carry a passenger of any age so I don’t see how the insurance company would deny a claim based on age alone.

(Maurice Nixon) #7

If they are underage. Wait the appropriate amount of time and then cancel no show w charge and let them sort it out.

(Andrew Martin) #8

If underage take em and if jerks report them as underage. Uber then ids them or shuts them down

(Kimberly Nelson) #9

DADT. We’re not cops. I would argue that it’s Uber’s job to not give accounts to underage riders

(Sharon Green) #10

So you don’t think kids are using their parents accounts and answering to or giving their parents names? You are naive. With or without informal parental consent, minors cannot legally enter into contractual relationships (ie: credit card charges). If you knowingly help them do this you are opening yourself up to the possibility of a world of legal hurt. The rules may seem silly to you, but they don’t just protect Uber, they protect you too.

(Sue Cooper) #11

Btw, the credit /debit card is a non-issue. Kids have been using banking since there’ve been banks. Kids use those cards at malls an convenience stores throughout the nation literally hundreds of thousands of times each day

(Donna Harris) #12

They do use their parents accts and they also use their parents credit cards on their accts and lie on their age. They will get it fixed and secured. Things just take so long to fix.

(Michaela Biksacky) #13

I struggle with this one every day. Today I realized my second passenger in a pool was a pick up at a high school. I got close and then hit cancel. Didn’t want to wait in after school traffic, and odds are they’re under 18.

(Sheena Washington) #14

You have no insurance if something happens. Uber’s insurance will not cover you because the TOS says you cannot transport riders under 18 and their insurance says if you are breaking the TOS during an accident they do not cover. SO car wreck, under 18 gets hurt, you are screwed for a long long time.

(Brendan Halai) #15

And yet in a story I read today someone refused a ride to a passenger with a kid that didn’t have a car seat, passenger complains to Uber, Uber deactivated the driver for two days to investigate. He’ll never get that money back and the passenger still got another ride from someone else. I read another story about how in retaliation the would be passenger said the driver was making racial comments. They got deactivated…if these people don’t get the ride they retaliate and Uber automatically takes their side. Dashcam footage or not they take the passenger’s side. And I don’t recall seeing anything in the insurance saying service animals were covered. Especially since we don’t have the proper restraints to keep them safe in an accident but we’re required to take them anyway. And we’re legally not allowed to ask about the status of the animal, and according to the discrimination laws, age is a protected class, so technically we could get in trouble if we do ask about that and/or refuse. I would be willing to bet if you carded every passenger who looked young you’d have to cancel about 25% of your rides. AND when I asked Uber about it they said in an email even if the passenger is too young, if you cancel the ride it counts against you. The ONLY way it doesn’t is if you can get them to cancel. So in theory if you cancel enough of them, it won’t be an issue because Uber won’t send you any new offers.

(William Murphy) #16

This issue truly needs to be rectified on Uber’s end, if the teen program is not working, than get something that does. It is too much on us drivers . We aren’t perfect, we want to transport people safely, and if it’s pax under 18 find a way to do it where there’s no issues in any way. Cmon Uber recognize the situation and help us drivers sort it out???

(Graham Sandy) #17

You know guys. This kind of negative stuff is out of place on a forum dedicated to me making more money. Why can’t we just get along?