It's just an etiquette to tip

People on here and other groups keep complaining about the lack of tips. Educate your friends and family. Tips aren’t required but greatly appreciated.#tipnotincluded #tipyourdrivers

I put a sign in the back seat that says I have chargers, water, rice krispies , and then it says tips appreciated at the bottom. It works like a charm

Uber has exploded because of the fact they tell riders tips are not necessary.

I really don’t know if I should be mad at UBER or the pax, or both. Common courtesy is to tip the service industry. I’m half tempted to stop tipping anywhere and just provide a card that says “20% tipping will begin again, once people start typing their UBER drivers”. I get a lot of wait staff and bartenders, noon of them tip.

People don’t know etiquette is all. I just put my sign in my car but I’m going to see how substantial of a difference it makes in tips after a month.

Its common Sense its a taxi job that its a job u tip for service…I do pizzas and average 8 to 12 tip per delivery…I go eat i tip out 10 on a 20 order its common curtiseoy

Actually it’s RIDESHARE…idc if you transport passangers like a taxi or limousine…we got in almost evey city by going around rules and being called a technology company…now we just have to hope we get tips and not expect them. We are also cheaper than a taxi which means the “cheap” people will more than likely use us…by all means use a sign but expecting tips as a Rideshare driver is just unreasonable

What?!? You average $8-12 dollars per pizza delivery? I don’t know you sir, but unless you are delivering $50 pizzas to millionaires, I have trouble believing that. Those numbers just don’t Mae sense. If a average delivery order is $20, I’m supposed to believe you Average 40-55% tips? Doesn’t make sense. If that was the norm, people would be lining up to deliver pizza. For example, 30 deliveries per night would get you $300 per night tax free income. 5 days per week means $6,000 per month tax free not counting hourly pay. Sorry, just not possible unless like I said, you deliver gormet pizzas to millionaires.

Guess word is getting around to pax about uber fucking us i made 27 in tips first time ever the other nite on 6 trips

That’s great. I normally only drive Friday and Saturday nights. But didn’t this weekend. My attitude wasn’t in the right place. We have the golf open here this week. I plan on driving that. We’ll see how that goes. I’m thinking of providing my PayPal email so if they wish to tip that way, they can. I don’t have square.

Well if I had Square I wouldn’t say " Do you want to tip via my smartphone? I don’t ask for tips. I’ve only had 1 person asked if I had that service. I do have paypal swipper and have never used in over 2000 trips. I also know you have the trip to make the pax feel like they are cruising with a friend. If you can’t do that, it’s akward and most won’t tip if you don’t get inside their heart before destination. Lol

Literally no one in Los Angeles tips for UBER. In a week of driving, I’ll be lucky to make $5 in tips. With Lyft I can expect at least $70.

How long does it take lyft do a background check i been waiting over 3 weeks now

The reason Uber says tips are not necessary is because they don’t get to take a percentage of it.

I signed up with Lyft but there gps mapping is so confusing I only picked up one passenger

When are tips ever required? Oh wait… that’s right… on parties idmf 20 or more.
Look, people know the tips not included… they do not want to tip…