It's just an etiquette to tip


(Jack Dolen) #1

People on here and other groups keep complaining about the lack of tips. Educate your friends and family. Tips aren’t required but greatly appreciated.#tipnotincluded #tipyourdrivers

(Lisa Markee) #2

I put a sign in the back seat that says I have chargers, water, rice krispies , and then it says tips appreciated at the bottom. It works like a charm

(Christian Odom) #3

Uber has exploded because of the fact they tell riders tips are not necessary.

(Brahim Decker) #4

I really don’t know if I should be mad at UBER or the pax, or both. Common courtesy is to tip the service industry. I’m half tempted to stop tipping anywhere and just provide a card that says “20% tipping will begin again, once people start typing their UBER drivers”. I get a lot of wait staff and bartenders, noon of them tip.

(Cody Parker) #5

People don’t know etiquette is all. I just put my sign in my car but I’m going to see how substantial of a difference it makes in tips after a month.

(Marsha_Smith) #6

Its common Sense its a taxi job that its a job u tip for service…I do pizzas and average 8 to 12 tip per delivery…I go eat i tip out 10 on a 20 order its common curtiseoy

(Chris Stipe) #7

Actually it’s RIDESHARE…idc if you transport passangers like a taxi or limousine…we got in almost evey city by going around rules and being called a technology company…now we just have to hope we get tips and not expect them. We are also cheaper than a taxi which means the “cheap” people will more than likely use us…by all means use a sign but expecting tips as a Rideshare driver is just unreasonable

(Rakesh Sharma) #8

What?!? You average $8-12 dollars per pizza delivery? I don’t know you sir, but unless you are delivering $50 pizzas to millionaires, I have trouble believing that. Those numbers just don’t Mae sense. If a average delivery order is $20, I’m supposed to believe you Average 40-55% tips? Doesn’t make sense. If that was the norm, people would be lining up to deliver pizza. For example, 30 deliveries per night would get you $300 per night tax free income. 5 days per week means $6,000 per month tax free not counting hourly pay. Sorry, just not possible unless like I said, you deliver gormet pizzas to millionaires.

(Abdul Karim) #9

Guess word is getting around to pax about uber fucking us i made 27 in tips first time ever the other nite on 6 trips

(Snyder Reed) #10

That’s great. I normally only drive Friday and Saturday nights. But didn’t this weekend. My attitude wasn’t in the right place. We have the golf open here this week. I plan on driving that. We’ll see how that goes. I’m thinking of providing my PayPal email so if they wish to tip that way, they can. I don’t have square.

(Hassan) #11

Well if I had Square I wouldn’t say " Do you want to tip via my smartphone? I don’t ask for tips. I’ve only had 1 person asked if I had that service. I do have paypal swipper and have never used in over 2000 trips. I also know you have the trip to make the pax feel like they are cruising with a friend. If you can’t do that, it’s akward and most won’t tip if you don’t get inside their heart before destination. Lol

(Laura Lee) #12

Literally no one in Los Angeles tips for UBER. In a week of driving, I’ll be lucky to make $5 in tips. With Lyft I can expect at least $70.

(Abel) #13

How long does it take lyft do a background check i been waiting over 3 weeks now

(Chris Stipe) #14

The reason Uber says tips are not necessary is because they don’t get to take a percentage of it.

(Marsha_Smith) #15

I signed up with Lyft but there gps mapping is so confusing I only picked up one passenger

(Jeremy Mwan) #16

When are tips ever required? Oh wait… that’s right… on parties idmf 20 or more.
Look, people know the tips not included… they do not want to tip…