It's good to have some music on quietly in the background to break up any silent tension

Classic Rewind on Sirius/XM is a perfect channel to play since it plays music that most everyone can enjoy or at least tolorate with no profanity. If the passenger want anything different let them tell you, otherwise don’t mention it. Remember that most people just want a quick, cheap ride and are annoyed if you start the trip with a bunch of questions like “what music should I play?” “Is it warm enough for you?” “What route should I take” and on and on…

I play it safe by keeping the radio off. I’ll be more than happy to play a particular station on request. If I get an unusually long ride, I’ll ask them what kind of music would they like to hear.

I always have some music on. Usually, KROQ, JACK, or if I pick up some younger girls (20s) I might put on AMP. Never had any complaints. I’ll turn it down/off if I hear them on their phone. I think most people prefer it to silence.

I’ll play my sex playlist. Lot of soul classics, and some other random stuff. Sometimes Rebirth Brass Band’s “Pop That *****” or Nouvelle Vague’s “Too Drunk To ****” comes on. Depending on the passenger, I may let it continue. Otherwise I’ll hit the next song. Other than that, my car, my music. But I’ll turn it off if someone requests, or put something else on. That used to happen a lot, now it’s very rare.

Deep Tracks Ch 27 is the default music in my car. I ask them if they want to listen to something different or is their parents music ok for them. 95% of the time it is. I had Sirius for 10 years before Driving, but the idea of driving without Sirius is worse than the idea of driving for less than$1.00 per mile.

80’s elevator music? You re referring to everything that came out in the 80’s. Let’s see… ACDC’s Back in black definitely music you’d hear while you’re on hold with customer service or the elevator it self. Or how about “Foreigner” or OZZY etc…

That’s the point about elevator music… It is non offensive. Far better than awkward silence when you have a quiet client. If anyone had asked me to change the music I would have, but nobody ever asked me to change it or turn it off.

If you’re familiar with the DC market, I played Oldies 100.3 most of the time.

I don’t do music.

If they want to hook their phone up to my awesome sound system using bluetooth with their own phones, they are more than welcome to.

Play whatever they want, as loud as they want.

Yes, Music, can takes us to a better place ,especially when driving for Uber.
It sucks when you have a nice groove going , and the passenger asks if you can turn on Drake…

I always play The Heat XM channel 47. I also play Chanell 03 and 10 which most melliniums seem to sing along to…my rating is at 4.9 after more than 800 rides. Sometime i will get an old white guy asking me to play him 80’s classical rock music. LOL.

I have 12 stations on presets, a small printed card attached to the dash letting the pax know they can choose…and I have an AUX cable connected and ready to hand the end to them if they are carrying their own music. Never had a complaint about my music, the choices, or the cable…doing okay.

White guys asking for 80’s rock are not old. They are lame. LOL Old guys listen to Deep tracks or classic. Which I mostly inflict on all unless asked for other. But you are right about 47. That seems to do the trick for most, it spans the rainbow of all listeners in that age bracket. edgy enough with enough pop. I have tried to pawn off the old school rap right next door, but the young ones can’t hear it.

I always keep a background genre neutral FM station on when picking up PAX. However one of the first questions I ask them right away after greeting is whether they are ok with the radio playing, or I should turn it off / switch, etc. If they don’t mind, I still keep the volume low enough both to hear the music and for PAX to be able to speak without raising their voice. I also have no trouble if they would like to crank the volume up / find an FM station to their liking or use the AUX cable.

They get 70’s and 80’s classic rock. I’ve had alot of college kids ask me to crank the classics up, most of them like it better than anything new, which I don’t mind at all. Everything from Billy Joel to AC/DC

So, I’m driving late, get a ping, arrive and four teen males hop in. I swear they were not older than 18 each. I, as usual, offer water and AUX cable. They plug it in and guess what they play? They play “As long as you love me” by BSB! The band of my youth. But the PAX were hardly born when Backstreet Boys were popular! That was awesome, we sang all together and laughed our asses off! One of the funniest and most positive rides I had among my almost 500 rides so far.