Its awkward driving in silence and most people wont tell you to turn on the music

If there is silence then you get awkward conversation usually about Uber. One day someone told me to turn on smooth jazz. So after flipping through Sirus XM I came upon channel 66 and 67.

Keep the music low and in the background. On my Toyota thats music level 4 or 5. If the passenger gets on the phone immediately turn it down. When you get on the highway turn it up, off the highway turn it down.

Even if they dont like jazz I find its better than awkward silence or awkward conversation. Keeps everyone focused.

Yep, classic rock all the way. Made my own “uber mix” flash drive with about 400 songs that most people should like. Get compliments on the music all the time.

Sirius “Real Jazz”, “Watercolors”, or very occasionally “The Spa”. I also get compliments all the time on my choice of music. That and my manly good looks.

Sometimes I will leave the music system muted but displayed as it cycles through random songs in my library. Sometimes the passenger will see something they like and ask that it be turned up. Otherwise, I don’t try to guess at people’s musical tastes, nor think that they will enjoy mine.

I have a cd mix that is soft jazz from various cd’s I had when I was a DJ. Never had any complaints. I monitor the volume based on if the paxs is either on the phone, texting or concentrating on something else.

I played a lot of STYX last night. For an old band they seem to have a lasting impression on the younger passengers. Especially songs like “Mr Roboto” and “Renegade”.

Best bet by far - Sirius/XM 25. Everyone enjoys classic rock. Paxs are free to suggest their preferences. However, if they request country I act like I’m hearing impaired and I can’t understand them.

It’s off for me. If a rider doesn’t like your music they could be to0 reticent/shy/embarrassed to say so, and may give you a low rating. Trouble is, it could work the other way too. Drive in silence, and the passengers wants to have the radio on, but won’t say so - though more than likely they will Listen to their own music on their headphones.

I hate Queen. Bohemian Rhapsody, We Are The Champions, We Will Rock You, Another One Bites The Dust. I can’t turn the music off fast enough when one of those overplayed tunes comes on the radio. I may be in the minority but I really really dislike that band.

Love Rush!! Amongst the many greats of the 70’s and 80’s. It’s always refreshing to see those that are beyond the Justine Beiber and Lady Gaga stage.

I don’t hear much Bieber on the radio these days, thankfully. Plenty of Gaga and Taylor Swift though, which I like and my passenger demographic probably listens to a lot of. Classic rock is “old guy” music.

My kids and I were having fun one day driving to school one day and we came up with a number of Taylor Swift jokes that reference how far apart her eyes are. It’s kind of creepy, really.

Seeing as I drive mostly in a college town area, its usually on a rock / pop station of some kind. However, I will be more than happen to change the station upon request. I’ve even had customers either plug in their phones with an auxiliary cable or even sync it with Bluetooth and stream their own liberty / Pandora.

I started a Spotify station from “Massive Attack” and a few people every night mention they like the chill music. New Years eve I played pop and people were almost always singing along.