It’s not how much i paid for that bucket. It’s only because the action

A pax stole my bucket full of candies last night. I was driving at Irvington. I try it to call Uber all day but they never answer. Do you think I can get something because that f…ng thief. I know who did it. Just waiting for the Uber answer

Probably not, unless you have it on camera. Then again, is a bucket of candy worth the agrevation and hassle of being on the phone with Uber, opening up a claim etc. I would just take it as a lesson learned and move on…but I understand how it could piss anyone off.

Really simple answer: do not put anything in your car for these cheap ass pax! In 3+ years I have NEVER had water, mints, candy or anything else. These douche bags deserve nothing more than a safe ride.

You are joking right? 1st you were in Irvington. 2nd you provided a bucket of candies. WTH were you thinking? :laughing:

I am not kidding or joking. And if I know something this group it’s to ask for something when you need any kind of help. Yes I like to have candies on my car.

No wonder it was stolen, That passenger didn’t want it to fall off when you drive away if it was on your car. He didn’t steal it. He simply put it to better use.

Three things you can do.

  1. You can call uber and get nothing accomplished
  2. Take the loss and buy another bucket
  3. Follow everyone’s advice and stop providing stuff

lmao. A bucket of candies when people are paying cheap prices for car service. 1 question: Why??

I have the cargo box & last night someone tried to take gum which is free anyway but I told her 3 times to go to the & enter the code. I didn’t unlock the doors until she did :joy::joy:. I hate assholes

I don’t know…I said I was curious about it. Mostly thinking (again, I don’t KNOW) reselling of products without collecting tax…or some such nonsense. I can’t imagine NJ not demanding everything they can, when it comes to money. Again though, I don’t know…just curious.

My box is mostly free products so they must be illegal. I’ll take the extra $75+ a week :woman_shrugging:t2: & I only work 2/3 days

How is someone in a call center in manilla or cebu gonna help…

I’m sorry sir … lol

The lesson here is…stay out of Irvington. If the money is that good, then replace the bucket of candy and keep it moving. :grinning:

Yes avoid Irvington at night… if you are looking to work the consecutive trips then stay in Hudson county or north Newark…

I mean if I was uber I’d definitely save that call for training purposes on how to not laugh at a drivers petty complaint about stolen candy

Friggin Crackheads, someone got me last Halloween took my mini cauldron but atleast I ate all the Almond Joys!

I reported it to Lyft and they gave me $25

When i do uber i dont give these mooks nothing! Uber isnt a high end limo servive its a budget cab service at best!

My question how do you not know someone is taking something till after they’re gone… I would have stopped them right there and then to leave it.

Unfortunately according to Uber, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for ANY STOLEN or missing items IN YOUR VEHICLE.
I had pax steal the signs on the back of my seats. Had it on video too. They didn’t care. They also would not release the name of the pax so that could file a police report either.

Even had the person on the phone tell me, Dont put anything in your vehicle that you dont want stolen or destroyed. They don’t care about your property

Damn the whole bucket…o well let it go and get another one… plenty of Halloween buckets to be had