It’s all to get free rides

Seriously my car is brand new there is absolutely nothing unsafe about my car why would they report my car as they felt unsafe? I dont get this… is this what they meen? Am i reading this roght someone reported to uber that my car made them feel unsafe and i can’t know exactly what made the mfeel thiss way?

passengers are scumbags. I got a smell complaint on a new car with less than 500 miles on it. I’ve had pax who I wouldn’t let vape get me shut down because they said my engine light was on on a 2018 car. It wasn’t.

When I received this flag I drove to the hub and requested that they look at my vehicle that they (Uber) had already approved as safe and comfortable and tell me what the issue is. They admitted that this was likely a false allegation and noted my account.

They are not implying thats what the pax stated. It clearly states: you may……
With that said it could be anything. They could’ve saw a booger on the floor. Maybe they didn’t like the music. The list goes on. We can’t make everybody happy. At least the majority of the people we do

A lot of them are rejects from buses and taxis,these drivers drive supported by government regulations and don’t wear these idiots.

So now allot of you know why most of us take extra precautions and measures to avoid confrontations and not let crazy people riders get in our vehicles… but allot of people think uber and Lyft along with riders are always right and they praise them like god…

I was deactivated yesterday because this woman said my seatbelts did not work however when they got in the car I said everyone buckled? They said yes and I heard three clicks. These people want their money back because of the holidays

Yeah I’ve had that twice too and I have a 2017 vehicle and the last time I had that complaint was a few hours after I just got it back from the Honda dealer after a 31 point inspection when I got my oil changed. LOL

I swear, it sounds like the competition is getting nasty. So many stories like this. Other drivers know that it doesn’t have to be a valid complaint to take you out of service.

Here’s my issue with the ratings system. I had a chick give me a 1 because she was in a bad mood. No comments, no feedback, just she was in a bad mood.

yup I got two 3 stars from the same pax on the same night… because she was only pax that night…so nice guy picks up pax at the nail salon…with a ride request to an auto repair shop in da ghetto…on the way I asked is the garage still open it was after 7 pm. Oh yes…upon arrival …oh no garage is closed…so I ended the ride and hung around … because it’s getting dark in da hood… I watched her get inside her unlocked SUV… rummage around looking for the keys…which were hanging inside the garage…she somehow got hold of the owner…who said no keys until he’s paid… imagine that. So anyway…she now needs a ride home…which she requested. Instead of thanking me …rated me 3 stars for each trip and filed a less than expected service report. No more Mr Nice guy.

Don’t get so stressed over ratings. The sooner you stop really caring about it the more comfortable you will be driving. Just do your thing.

We deal with diffrent types of ppl in this world and in the Uber world we have diffrent types of passengers. I seen all types of ppl using Uber all walks of life. They all rate different. Some dont even rate and it’s just a ride to them. Some expect more. Always it will be someone giving out a bad rating. Don’t let that stop you from getting your bread. Barry Badrinath has the right attitude. Just Do You.

This assholes because of uber they are able to get cheap rides in all kind of beautiful cars, which they never dream to put tgeir ass in it, rather than thank you, they are still complaining

I make sure my riders KNOW that 5 stars are mandatory, and that anything but 5 warrants punishment. You gotta hold up a taser and show pics of AK executions to ensure their fear and compliance, Mobster style (Kidding).

You know, to be honest just by looking at your car if you carefully look close enough you’d be able to see that there ain’t anything wrong with it! It’s some piece of junk trying to snatch a free ride man, no biggy.