It only takes a couple passengers to complain to Uber about drivers not picking them up for you to get your warning

Several drivers have been warned for excessive cancellations (over 10%).

And do you honestly think Uber cares what your rating is prior to deactivating you?

By cancelling the possible short fares and telling others to do the same you’re setting a dangerous precedent.

Ask Uber how they feel about contacting the passenger and requesting the destination prior to arrival…

Uber has done this to themselves, the idea of cherry picking would be cut in half if the rates were reasonable, 13 cents a min gets you about $6 an hour, I have done my share of one mile or less UberX rides that take 15 minutes in traffic and I net out about $3 or less BEFORE GAS, if I continued and could only do about 3 of these in an hour….do the math, Do I owe it to the public to serve them and Uber while trashing my car and my mind, the NO TIP thing is just like taking a **** on what is already a bad deal, if the $4 minimum ride was $5 and only included 25 cents for safe ride it wouldn’t sting as bad, it’s ridiculous that a $100 ride has $1 safe and so does a $4 ride

Just because riders aren’t drunk doesn’t mean Uber doesn’t screw up their location. Sometimes, it’s because the rider’s GPS is off by anywhere from 1 street number to a block; sometimes, the app is just screwy.

Driver8, you are absolutely right, sometimes the pin being incorrect is not the riders fault. A phone call is good to insure you get the pax and have a good ride to get 5 stars.

How long is it reasonable to wait for a client? I had a 7 minute drive finding the client in a gated community. He came out right away, I asked his name and confirmed he was cool. We then waited 10 minutes for his lady friend. I asked if he was ready and he said shed br right out. 10 minutes on the clock and she’s got an open beer. I’m new, didn’t want to make trouble and it wound up being a $40 fare…but the open container and 10 minutes of waiting was a little bothersome.

Uber doesn’t screw it up, that’s the maps program and the GPS setting. In another post that didn’t get any replies i suggested Uber display some kind of tutorial or a reminder to the customer that it’s up to the PAX to make sure the pin is put in the correct location otherwise there will be delays. Most new users i spoke to are clueless that they can actually move the pin to the proper location.

You think the maps program invented itself? I’ve seen too many instances where Uber gives the address for Hotel A, when Pax is at Hotel B three blocks away. Happens on high internet-traffic days all the time.

No, the maps program didn’t invent itself but neither did Uber which is who you’re trying to place the blame. If you open google maps on its on (independent of Uber) most likely your location on the map is not in the correct place, even if you hit that homing button in the bottom corner.

Trust me… I hate the short ones as much as the next guy… Sitting at the airport waiting lot for anywhere from 1 to 3 hours, and then getting a $15, 2 mile, ride - off which Uber takes $3.75.

What I do now is text the passenger as soon as I get the ping - I drive to location unless they tell me they made a mistake, If i don’t hear from the pax, its not my problem. I press arrive and text the passenger “I am here” asap

I just cancelled 4 request from the same person back to back. Person calls, I accept and text where exactly he is. No response. I call him on the phone. No response. I wait a minute hoping he calls or texts and still nothing. But as son as I cancel he requests again. Wtf??!! This repeated 4 times in the same exact sequence until I picked up another customer who told me where they were.

Uber deactivates the older cars. The newer car people they will work with you. They don’t want the older cars, they use them when they needed them but are weeding them out.

When I pull up and the pax is not there I call them. Soon as they say “I’ll be right out” I start the trip. It’s only 13¢/min, but at least I’m getting something for those 10 minute wait times.

In the rare case I’m repositioning that far and don’t want the fares in my current area then I go offline for a few minutes while I’m in transit. Why were you accepting those fares anyways?

I accept 15 to 20 min pings in hopes that they want to go to the airport, 25 miles away, but when they say they just want to go to work down the street I cancel, why should I have to take them to work and loose money, I’m not the government funded service

My rule of thumb is to not take any pings more than 5 mins. away. It’s just the law of probability, there are many more min. fares out there than airport fares, so chances are you’re going a mile or two instead of to the airport. My advice would be to hang out in the flat rate zones during times that people would most often go to the airport, like hotels at 5-10AM.

The way I understood it, it’s not against Uber rules but they think it will affect your passenger rating to call the passengers and ask where they are going upon accepting the trip. If you are doing it NOT to cherry pick the good rides, but to assess the sobriety of the passenger after 10 p.m., I think it’s an honest question that helps you stay safe and provide good service.