It is time I invest in a dash Cam

To keep on with passenger’s in the car. I don’t even know where to begin. I need something with enough recording time for multiple nights before being able to upload it and save it. I have seen to many people complaining about passenger’s reporting them over nothing and I was reported the other day for poor navigation because I wouldn’t turn the wrong way down a one way. Teach me about dashcams. Can they come with a remote start so I can turn it on and off between passengers? Does the video loop and then I lose what footage I may need the next day to protect myself?

It should all save on a memory card but I am not sure they may all be different. I have looked at them in best buy but my question is even if we have proof of why we think a rating should be different do you think they will change it? I don’t. The dash cam is really to protect you from false criminal accusations or to just put on YouTube and promote your affiliate link.

I had someone try to rape me once and another dude tried jacking off in my front seat so it would be to protect myself in all areas

I have been researching myself and am leaning towards falcon eye. Some of their packages use sd cards and some dvrs. The one I want comes with 5 cameras and has a park mode that enables the system to Start recording when it senses motion around your car when not driving. They have a Facebook page complete with videos.

They overwrite over old footage unless you lock the file.

I wouldn’t use it so much as for ratings. You’ll just waste time but it will come in handy if you’re in an accident or a violent or dangerous situation occurs.

Also do this here. You’re not the first.

yes, get a dash cam asap! i just did a lot of research. if you can’t spend 4 or 500 on the blackvue, then the next best thing is the falcon 360! it has night vision for inside the car and it’s only $160 (very few have internal night vision for that price). they store the files on SD cards. u could actually buy a few of those if u want a few days worth of data. but why keep yesterday’s stuff if nothing happened? it starts to loop record when the card is maxed out, so you’ll at least get the last 5-10 min (depending on your settings). and yes, u can turn it on and off whenever, between pax, etc. but it’s wise to keep it on always for accidents too

It’s good to protect yourself but the gps is off half the time so if a rider says turn here and go this way I’ll comply it’s worked out well

I use the blackvue 650 ir it’s pricey but is cloud enabled and can upload to a cloud account tales up to a 128 gb card but does will cycle through when out of space doubles a security when parked.

I just got the Falcon zero F360 for $149 on Amazon and installed it this morning. Already love it!

Not sure why everyone spends so much on dash cams. I got mine from Walmart, it cost $70 records inside and outside with night vision and loops every 4 hours to record over old data. I have a backup SD card in case something happens, I switch out the cards so I keep the data until I upload it.

I use the Transcend DrivePro 520 which I think is generally the best all around dashcam that isn’t $400. Excellent picture and all the features.

You’re going to run into overwrite issues if you’re trying to keep more than one days Worth of driving on the SD card in the cam.

Buy a couple of them (I get all day from a 64GB card, I’m not sure when it would loop, but I get more than 8 hours of video), and just copy to an external drive at home. Keep footage however long you want, just not on the SD card.

How often the video loops is dependent on which size SD card you get and how often you drive. If you drive every day get seven 16GB cards and swap them out daily. If you only drive on weekends a 32GB card will get you through the whole weekend. Download all the footage every day and save it for six months.

My boyfriend and I both have these. Worth every single penny. Night vision, records inside & out. If there’s a problem, he can connect to it and see where I’m going. The quality is unbelievable. Someone asked why people spend so much on a dashcam? Peace of mind doesn’t have a price.

^^^^^ high quality, very good. this is what i bought for my primary vehicle. ill be buying another once i create a little more cash flow

I had a guy do that to me one night leaving an office complex. I started to turn right and he told me to go left. I pointed out that it was one-way and he says, “No, it’s ok, go left”. Now since the offices were closed and it was a private drive, I complied. Luckily I managed to stop fast when my headlights hit the directional spikes that this place had put in! I started to back up and he got upset with me! People are nuts!

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Depending on your budget, there are 4 cameras that you should consider, all of these are dual camera (front & passenger)

  1. Falcon Zero F-360 ($140) This is the goto cam for most drivers. It covers your rear view mirror and you can spin the cameras to either be both forward facing or 1 Fwd and 1 facing passenger.

Pro: Fits over your existing rear view mirror and does not block your view, easy to install. The viewing screen is built into the mirror.

Con: If your original mirror buttons or a compass in it, then you will find it difficult to use. The 2nd camera has night vision but a limited amount of viewing. Max 32GB SD Card

  1. Transcend Drive Pro 520 ($160) This is a windshield mount dual camera that also let’s you rotate the 2nd camera Fwd or towards the passenger.

Pro: Camera does not cover your mirror. It has its own viewing screen. Better Passenger camera than the Falcon. Suction Cup mount or Adhesive Mount options.

Con: Mounting this camera requires losing a small amount of visability on your windshield. Max 64GB SD Card

  1. Vantrue N2 Pro ($200) This is the improved version of the older Vantrue N2 that now includes an IR Camera that allows you to operate at night. It is a low profile adhesive mount camera. 2nd Camera rotates for dual front or front and passenger.

Pro: Built in viewing screen. Records dual 1080.

Con: GPS module is an option. Takes up space on windshield and obscures field of vision. Max 64GB SD Card

  1. BlackVue DR650S‑2CH‑IR ($400) This is the BEST camera that you can buy. It is a low profile adhesive mount camera, in fact it is 2 low profile adhesive mount cameras. One camera is mounted facing forward facing and the 2nd camera is mounted facing the passenger.

Pro: Built in GPS. 2nd Camera has an amazing field of vision, practically the whole cabin. IR on 2nd Camera is the best of all the cameras here. Max SD Card 128GB

  • Ability to live stream to Facebook or the BlackView network.

  • Ability to upload files to the cloud.

  • Ability to share your camera feed with specific people so that they can “ride along” with you, giving you that extra piece of mind that someone is watching over you.

  • (requires internet / hotspot connection)

Con: This camera has no viewing screen, instead it creates it’s own WiFi network that allows you to view the cameras from your phone or tablet. Takes up space on windshield and obscures field of vision. 2 separate cameras, overlong wiring.

Look up each of these cameras on YouTube to see footage, pay close attention to the night vision.

Do you know how much Wi-Fi the black vue would need each month?

So I have this dash cam records front and back you just flip it on the mirror and plug it in the lighter hide wire over visor easy it’s a falcon 360 I have two memory card I take one out and the other in down load it on the computer and erases every day well I’m lieing I should down load it because people complained weeks later jerks so ya that’s what I do