It is a twisted metric, so don't bust a nut trying to figure it out

We are rated on a scale of 1 through 5 but judged on a strange scale of 10ths from a range of 4.5 to 5. They don’t match up well, they reflect much different degrees of sensitivity, and the first scale is skewed to favor those with a mind to punish as a result. It is unethical for the reason that it is meant to enable control by way of fear. This may be one of the more noble ways to fail out of Uber High, as a freshman with a 4.5.

We would be harder pressed to find an example of Uber policy or practice that is actually ethical. You’ve got a new set of tires, a trunk of bubble gum… All things considered, this is not the worst thing that could have happened, and it happened quickly before you beat the crap out of your car or worse.

as a someone who does surveys for a living, getting a score of 4.5 out of 5 stars in indication that I was doing well. the majority of scores were 5, and I would imagine over 90% were 4 or above. there are no labels on the scales but the typical Likert scale used in most surveys would suggest one can interpret 4 to “very good”, and 5 as “excellent”. 3 would likely be interpreted as average.

why doesn’t uber show you the scores or comments? why do the score differ from App to website? why don’t they do a key drivers analysis? why is there a lag between when survey is submitted and when they calculate overall score? one reason: the data, data collections system, and personnel are incredibly flawed and not willing to put in effort to do a good job.

I’ve spoken to Uber about ratings, they have the ability if you request it, to show you every single rating you received along with ever single piece of feedback you’ve received. I would request this information.

The rating system sucks, but if their system shows that say 90% of drivers can manage 4.6 or higher and you can’t manager 4.6 or higher, well then you are clearly not doing something right - or as you mentioned, you are picking up the wrong type of pax who rate badly - the drunks!

They only do that when they have more drivers than they need so they don’t give a damn about you or how much you need them! I swear I knew someone who had a 3.5 here and was still driving until he got in an accident, then they temporarily deactivated him but he decided not to drive again. Another guy has a 4.2 and he is proud of it.

I’m so disappointed to learn of this. The Uber driver rating system is statistically flawed and produces no meaningful results. Uber is aware of this and I am working very hard to get this changed. I’m educating Uber Corporate on the basics of valid statistical design.

You’re an “independent contractor” according to Fuber. Fancy name for we get to fire you at any time for any reason without having to explain why. Keeps the drivers in constant fear and helps Ubers PR game.

I just drove past another recruitment center set up today in Burbank with 20 people in line ready to get into the game. It’s unreal. I’ve never seen a company that puts that much effort into recruiting. It’s like 80% of their business model. I guess when you have zero overhead it’s easy to fire people left and right and hire scores more. They have no skin in the game. None.

I guess my thinking was that I would somehow be punished for doing that. it’s just a shame and seems like they are just creating environment of fear and intentional ignorance.

Judging by their language skills they sound like a real genius. More then likely another cheap ******* trying to justify getting out of a charge. This is Fubers typical kind of trash err…customer now. Why take the bus anymore when I can ride in style and I get to abuse my driver to boot.

How is the existing system bad for Uber - cost-benefit analysis please? Compare the cost of on boarding a new driver to sifting through each and every driver that is deactivated. I think their current system, “take a class”, shows Uber which drivers have incentive and which ones don’t care, and costs the company nothing.

A good driver would be able to pass the written test very easily, get reinstated and Uber On. It is only a $50 class. Pay to play. It’s just a system, so throw your self righteous indignation away and just include the $50 as a cost of doing business. Chill out, play with your dog and Uber on …

That’s why I always tell people to start with normal hours non surge for the first month or so then go after the surges. Get at least 100 rides with minimal surge then do what you want. I get quite a bit of surges and my rating seems stuck at 4.85 even after doing mainly surges.

To be entirely honest, I still don’t understand how a driver manages to get deactivated in the first place. With the exception of one drunken peckerwood three weeks ago, I am in my 15th week of straight 5-star ratings. Evidently my parameters for accepting pings are valid, at least in terms of ratings and profitability.

Lost .25 yesterday and likely to lose .25 today, I’m sure I’ll be seeing the boot. Apparently based on my point loss uber doesn’t like you booting pukers or alcohol smugglers.

I have had 5 “drunken peckerwood” pax in one night. I work some afternoons/rush hours and when it surges there I can commiserate with the pax and explain that I think the surges are unfair very often but that even a 2.0 surge in our market is cheaper than a cab. And I can tell then how the surge can hurt the driver rating. Most don’t know and will sometimes say they feel bad that they have in the past 4 *d a driver for any reason. I tell them if a driver is so bad they should be fired give them a 1. But otherwise 5 and not one daytime sober rider has disagreed.