It baffles me the number of drivers that act like Uber was created for their benefit

I have always had a saying if you don’t like the way a company operates create your own, but don’t sit around, complain and bad mouth the company. No one is forcing anyone to continue working for these companies. This is a customer service industry and I wonder how long a waiter in a restaurant would be around if they chose who to serve and who not to serve, that is just bad business. But what drivers don’t realize is at the end it isn’t their name or company that will be smeared, it is Uber’s. Riders wont say Joe didn’t show or cancelled, they will say Uber cancelled and is unreliable.

For me it would come down to compensation. That’s why I happen to be driving. If the miles add up and I get 2 fares Cool, if they split the fares or miles or something and it ends up being extra work and less customer satisfaction(particularly for the first guy en route to destination when 2nd guy requests), than no, not cool…

Some of you seem to take that sentiment way too seriously. Working this type of job with the general public you need to be able to occasionally bend some of those rules to accommodate your clients. Done.

It really isn’t a demand. He is letting the driver know where he is. It saves the driver time. I frequently pick up at two shopping malls. The good rider texts “Meet me in front of xxxxxx”. The bad rider makes me send a text “What store are you in front of?”

I have thanked them for that as well and I also thank PAX for having the final destination address entered in for GPS if they dont want to point the directions. If they dont put the final destination address in and want to point the way I will thank them several times throughout the trip for letting me know where to go.

We have all had customers that provide a text with specific instructions and I most always thank the customer. But this one wreaks of a bad experience in the making. I guess that’s the difference between experience and very little experience as a driver. I would love to know what the rating was for this pax

Like it or not, tips or no tips, independent contractor or employees, Uber or Disney, we’re in the customer service industry. The onus is on US as drivers to make life simpler for the rider. Not the other way around.

They are paying us. Not the other way around. They are requesting a service that you have offered - and even accepted - that you have reneged on. Grow up. Throw away the pacifier and stop sucking your thumb.

Gotta have thick skin. If you are the type of person who draws a line in the sand and stands vigilant all day ready to get upset when that line is crossed or encroached upon, than you are going to hate Uber.

Hey, I luv you, man, but we are in this to make money. A driver cancels because a very helpful text message isn’t “respectful” enough. Again, the next driver gets the money.

I’ve always found the people who don’t send me information about their specific location when necessary (if they’re at a mall, hospital, etc…) to be common sense deprived [deleted offensive noun] who deserve a slap.

I guess I did leave out some more qualifying elements in my decision, but the point is made that I can choose vs Uber dictating, and those were 3 fun pages to read.

I don’t get this- the rider texted you to tell you exactly where to pick them up at what I assume is a large building with multiple entrances. What’s wrong with that? Would you rather show up and have no clue where he is?

We all get pings that aren’t exactly where the passenger is and wait around to see them come from a different direction. Most likely they had issues with pickups before and did want to have an issue again.

Or, looked at another way, placing oneself in a position in which one doesn’t have to become a doormat to the world and still draw a high salary. That’s the strategy I’ve taken.