Is your pet allowed into an Uber car? Service dogs are an exception!

Imagine someone bringing a pet dog or a car into your car without any prior intimation about it. Even if a little, you would be annoyed, right? The same goes for Uber car drivers. You must remember that it is their personal or rented car that you will be riding with your pet in and for both cases, there are cleanliness requirements for starters, even from the car rental company. As passengers, if you want coordination, you need to show the same for the driver. Thus, don't forget to be always considerate about this and give the diver a heads up before he or she arrives at your pick-up location. But, it is also good to be aware that even after giving prior information, some drivers may not oblige.

Uber's clear Rules: Driver takes the final call!

Travelling around the city with pets is a common notion these days. Thus, passengers expect the convenient mode of conveyance like Uber or Lyft (the major ride-hailing companies) to permit it. But, the question remains. Does Uber allow pets, especially dogs? Passengers must know that the rules laid down by Uber officially states, that letting a dog into an Uber car completely rests on the driver's discretion which verifies that a driver has the right to refuse a ride if you want to bring along your dog & the reasons may vary.

The obligation to accept Service Dogs!

However, the rules in case of service dogs are different. There are strict instructions of Uber to its drivers to accept service dogs. They will lose their jobs if they do otherwise. This law has only initiated since last year when after being accused of violating the Americans with Disabilities Act by permitting drivers to refuse passengers with service animals, Uber agreed to the legal settlement. The ride-hailing company established a separate policy for service animals. No driver reasons like dog-related allergies dislike or fear for dogs etc. will be entertained.

Tips to get an entry pass for your furry companion:

    As a rider, you must understand the inappropriateness of sharing a ride while transporting animals. It's different for service animals. For personal pets, request either an UberX (for smaller animals) or an Uber XL (for larger dogs). But, by all means, abstain from booking an Uber Pool.

    As mentioned previously, if you want to bring a dog, let the driver know after placing the request. If you get a refusal for the dog, do not go into any arguments (Uber allows drivers to deny personal pets. Service dogs are exceptional). Cancel the ride immediately after receiving a 'NO' flag to avoid cancellation charges. You can request another ride after few minute's wait.

    It isn't unknown that if you want to ride with your pet, you are not just responsible for the welfare of the dog but also that of the car that you board. The standards are Uber car much higher than normal cabs because Uber drivers drive their private vehicles. The passengers must have this fact always ticked on the mind. When a driver, on reaching the pick-up location, finds the passenger with a dog that is sitting calmly by his or her side, high chances are you might get a 'GO' flag from the driver. A responsible owner ensures that the pet remains calm & well behaved throughout the trip.

    Carrying pets in carriers is the best way to avoid all possible rejections from an Uber driver. But, agreeably that is only possible for cats or smaller dogs. Even though this does not fall in place of official Uber regulations but, mostly drivers expect it when intimated about having four-legged folks accompanying the rider. So, if you have a smaller dog, it is best to bring them in carriers. That way, the chances of being allowed into the vehicle increase because the 5-star ratings of an Uber driver also depend heavily on their cleanliness.

    When you are up to bringing your little friend to ride with you in Uber, make sure that you always carry a clean towel before letting the dog inside the car, you must spread the towel or a blanket over the seat. This is essential as your furry friends are big-time shedders, and most of them love digging holes or chewing on leather. Uber often charges cleaning fees to riders so that they keep away from making any mess. Thus, do your best to keep the car clean.

    Drivers don't expect the customers to tip them but, a forthcoming tip is always welcome! Tips are all the more appreciated if they have allowed you to ride with your furry friend. It is fair enough for the riders to compensate the riders for their kindness for remember, they can easily say a no. After all, driving pets in the car increases the cost of car maintenance.

Rules around Service Animals that all Uber drivers are bound to abide:

As passengers willing to bring service dogs into Uber cars, you must know that Uber drivers keep getting updates on their app about the service animal policy. The driver has to agree to all the terms and conditions of Uber which also includes that they are bound to accept service dogs into their cars; no exceptions applied. If a customer complains of a driving having done otherwise, he or she can even be sacked.

Here are the rules that drivers need to follow about service dogs:

  • Service animals have to be accommodated in the car

  • An identifying collar is not a mandate for service dogs

  • You cannot be asked to prove your disability by drivers

  • Drivers are permitted to ask you whether your dog is a service animal. If it's a yes, they are bound to take them in.

  • Drivers cannot use any reason whatsoever to deny entrance of a service dog into their car.

So I take all pets, no problem. Here’s why:

  1. uber already has policies in place to compensate for damage or cleaning.

  2. we are not allowed to make you prove its a service animal. If you need to transport your pet that bad, most people are just going to lie.

  3. in my town, the times I drive, 95% of riders are drinking. Which means without an uber and work the next day, they’re going to drive home drunk.

  4. never had a single problem with a 4 legged rider. Had much much worse humans.

  5. caveat: rain, snow, filthy animal would all be a no, unless you had them on your lap, or a mat/pad.

I have to vac multiple times a week…a little dog hair isn’t that big of a deal. It doesn’t really add to cleaning costs.

  1. snakes and spiders: newp. If they’re not in a box I don’t care if you think it is a service animal, and you have a presidential order for it. Newp. NIMBS.:wink:
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