Is Waze still the go to or has Google Maps caught up?

Just got approved for Uber today. I been doing massive research before my first ride to be prepared and I wanted to ask a question about Waze vs Google Maps. I keep seeing everyone say that Waze is so much better but it’s all videos from a couple of years ago. I have always been on the road for various jobs so I always have my maps open. I have had ups and downs with Google Maps but in the past couple of years it has made leaps and bounds with its features.

I love waze but it’s notorious for freezing up on you when you need it most. Google maps is a close second for me but I miss those Waze alerts. Especially police reported ahead

Try them both and use what fits for you and your market. Waze works better for me and my region as we have a military installation and google doesn’t show all the streets.

I use WAZE.
Completely unrelated to this question, but … write down your odometer reading (I put mine in notes on my phone) and keep it. You’ll need it along with the odometer reading when you finish 31 Dec. They’re important numbers for your tax return. Also record your business miles everyday you drive. I use QuickBooks for mine. But there are other apps out there.

The inferior companies always buys the better companies to steal its technolog. Waze was purchased by google

Waze isn’t usable in Denver. Slow response which you can’t have driving downtown. I do use it when I travel cross country.

Drive one week on overs nav system then a second wake on Google maps and then the 3rd week and ways then make your decision.

Yes I agree with you. He needs to compare those two options becaue there are two sides to a coin.

What most people dont know is tha Google bought Waze a few years ago and they are integrating the systems together. This is why google systems is getting better.

you need to explore the app more. Under settings, find navigation, tap your choice. Uber navigation is the worst!
I’ve been driving over 3 years too.

might have a Iphone it only comes with uber navigation he has no other choices like the androids phone, but he can download Waze or google.

I’ve been surprised that Google maps hasn’t really improved all that much since they bought waze. For me, Waze is the far superior app once it’s loaded. The problem is the load time, 3 to 5 seconds for me, can seem like an eternity when you are rolling in traffic with navigation choices to make.

well I’m new here so don’t have the area memorized yet and many times the app just loads the next ride with no info at all about the location so knowing the territory wouldn’t help me much.