Is Ubereats worth it?

I have serious doubts about delivering for Ubereats. My three concerns:

  1. Distance. I have been sent 10 miles to make a 1 mile deiivery.

  2. Wait time at restaurant. For the most part, the restaurant doesn’t begin preparing the order until I walk in the door. I have been double parked for 10 minutes at times.

  3. Tips. I admit I’ve driven for Ubereats for a short time, with perhaps a dozen or two deliveries, but only one customer has ever tipped The compensation from Uber is very low, particularly when factoring in concerns 1 and 2 making tips a major issue.

Is this typical?

I usually cancel the order if the restaurant didn’t start preparing the food before arriving. It is a waste of time to sit and wait for them to finish. Remember, you’re not getting paid for waiting or getting to the order, so you have to manage your time wisely. Only do quick in-n-out deliveries, other than that it is not worth it.

I do not understand Uber & Lyft wait policy. Why the wait time rate for waiting for pax to come out to the car different then when they schedule mulitiple stops and having to wait while they run into the store and come back. It is less, then 5 bucks a hour. Meanwhile you are sitting with your car running with the ac or heat on literally losing money. Uber doesnt give a hoot about you. Why they charge so little to the customer to pay for us to wait make no sence. They are losing millions of dollars in commission by giving your time and gas away for free. If I knew it was going to cost me a buck a minute. I’d either not stop or hurry up. Knowing it only 8 cents a minute they dont care how long you sit. Uber will advise you to leave if no one shows up in 5 minutes picking somebody up because the calls may backing up. But I have sat 20 minutes for free and dont even get a tip. I honestly don’t think the people who come up these ridiculous low waiting fees have ever drove as an uber driver before. And why is it the same fares at Lyft. Are these two companies really one? So now make my own rules up. If your not back in 5 minutes you’ll have call in for another ride. If you leave your wife in the car so I won’t leave, she can get out or I’ll finish trip with her alone.

Yes very typical. Majority of customers do not tip with Ubereats. Also depends on area that you are delivering. I deliver with GrubHub and I would say 90% of customers tip. Also you see your tip before you deliver the food.