Is this something everyone would like to see happen?

Should Uber require passengers to provide a photo and use real name on the app?

Absolutely. Just because we have the vehicle doesn’t make us any less vulnerable than they are.

100% I’ve seen some weird nicknames and shit. If I am required to give all my proper info why shouldn’t a rider?

Definitely. The fact that anyone can make a random new e-mail and call in a ride with a prepaid card under a generic nickname with no paper trail of who they actually are is kind of scary to think about. Not enough accountability on the passenger side of things.

Absolutely. If drivers are required to use real info with a picture to make a pax feel safe then us drivers shpuld be given the same courtesy

You have to be 18+ to use Uber/Lyft so make them upload a photo ID. At 18 you should have a State ID or Drivers license or SOMETHING that proves you are who you are so just require them to upload that then we can verify at pickup.

I don’t care what nickname they want to go by on the front page of the app but if they go bat shit and blow out your windows or cut up your seat or kick a dent in your car or god forbid stab you in the back, you or Uber should be able to pull up a legal name to press charges or report to police or whatever. The fact that Uber lets nameless and faceless people ride in this day and age blows my mind. Maybe just cause I drive in Detroit lol but all too many times some rides feel like they could very well end up being your last and nobody would ever know what happened to you

I totally agree but I have gotten a lot of… it’s my moms/girlfriend/cousin/ uncle by marriage/gardeners step sons account. :woman_facepalming:

true story I had a pax one time his name on his ap said asshole prick. I refused to address him by that and he told me to call him Mark

All ride share riders whether Uber or Lyft should have to have a legal id and actual picture of themselves (a head shot please!) showing on the app along with actual legal name. I have so many on Lyft that has a cartoon character or no photo at all…which I thought with at least a rider had to post their photo. If both ride share companies made it mandatory to furnish government issued id to them upon someone signing up, there would be a lot less trouble out there for the drivers. We have to post a head shot on both Uber and Lyft as drivers…why not the riders.

I had a guy last night who’s name was Four. I asked if it was just a joke name or what, he showed me his ID and yes it was his true legal name. We had a good laugh about it.

Photo, fuck yeah! Tired of people getting pissy because my doors aren’t unlocked at the airport even though they just walked up to the back of my van.

Absolutely agree with you Dustin on this. Every rider that gets in my car I ask them for there name. In the times we live in now it only takes 30’seconds for someone to produce a ID so yeah I like the idea. Lyft is notorious in my area in NJ to having the most ridiculous names that show up. I’ve had iTunes, M’Fer, Yo Daddy, Big Daddy, Pac-Man to name a few.

On the photo thing, once on Lyft the dude had a picture of a chandelier on his profile. When I got to him, I said sorry your picture doesn’t match your face; can’t take ya and drove off.

Hopefully Lyft and uber will implement some kind of recognition software for pax.

The passengers should have to pass a background check like we do so we will know what kind of person we pick up.

At least allow drivers to use a nickname too!
I had a creep look me up on Facebook from my backseat & say “oh your profile is private, well i’m sending you a friend request.”
A driver would’ve been deactivated.

Speaking of this, this was a trip I had Sunday morning: ok well looks like Lyft didn’t allow me to screenshot it.