Is this against the rules

I was thinking about utilizing a photograph of me remaining by my vehicle rather than a selfie for my Uber photograph.

Anybody do this? Against the tenets? I discover it extremely odd that travelers so routinely roll the shakers on what kind of vehicle will appear. Quite tired of traveler packing.

I ought to presumably take a Uber more than once, so I know how the hellfire the rider application functions.

Hah the one time I did, I got a 4.5 cabbie who basically declined to take me to a noteworthy convergence. He needed a location, I offered him turn-by-turn since I’m not gazing that **** upward for him. For a situation like this, the traveler is unquestionably going to get somewhat irritated on the off chance that you sit stationary and nav a place you ought to have no inquiry regarding the right course to. Frequently the best activity is begin driving promptly and Gmaps it at a stoplight.

Be that as it may, this is a case (downtown to close nightlife spot on four noteworthy streets), where a traveler will accept you’re ****ty at your specific type of employment on the off chance that he sees you nav it. At that point they’ll be not able help however see the other five minor mistakes you make. Don’t nav in the event that you don’t have to. When you’ve been driving for some time, don’t be reluctant to practice the city learning that you ought to have obtained, except if you took orders from the route 100% only.

Boston is the equivalent. I use Google Maps without fail, regardless of whether I realize how to get to the goal. It’s typically really great at exploring around traffic, development, street terminations, and so on. I use voice directions to enter the goal, so it’s no issue to do it as I’m driving. Most of the time the travelers simply believe I’m rehashing their goal to affirm it, and don’t understand I was placing it into Google Maps.

It’s additionally a decent protection to any cases that no doubt about it “wasteful course”.

Travelers totally revere drivers that have an abundance of city information. I’m dead serious. One negative rating I see on more driver accounts than any is ‘poor city learning’.

Additionally malodorous vehicles. (An excessive amount of deodorizer is likewise a terrible stench, FYI)

I generally let the rider give turn by turn headings regardless of whether I’m utilizing a GPS however it tends to be unsafe. I tuned in to a rider and he guided me to a road with no chance to get out other than to go the incorrect route on a restricted road. Express gratitude toward God there was no mishap. It ticks me off that my GPS didn’t realize I was going the incorrect way. I paid a ton for that Garmin ($279) and am entirely disillusioned in it. I additionally loathe that I can’t enter a crossing point as a goal.

I’m not saying it’s forever your blame, but rather I get loads of drivers inquiring as to why their rating has dropped, just to see a few rider evaluations saying they have something like five deodorizers hanging in their window or something. Trust me; I’m here to help you all, not be deigning, so kindly don’t go on the assault.

No doubt about it Farlance: Numerous if not we all are appreciative as hellfire to see you here. There are a couple of individuals to keep an eye out for somewhere else (right now) on the gatherings yet I’m speculating you have them sussed out as of now.

Ahhhh the enchanted and strange input. I quit getting the week after week reports that included rating, hours driven and in particular input two or three months prior. According to the FAQ I sent in requesting it. After an evasion sham that incorporated that report getting mistook for the solicitations on numerous occasions I was at long last let it know was chosen to never again utilize the reports. So it’s intriguing to hear something like a little about input when all is said in done. I have no clue ever for what reason I’m evaluated whichever way. Except if I trust the riders when they state goodness five stars, five stars! Which… I don’t. Lol

So yes, farlance, you’re most likely going to get hopped on a lil bit from us all drivers left in obscurity on pretty much everything. Not saying it’s alright or worthy, but rather you know, prepare yourself lol :slight_smile:

Week after week input reports weren’t ceased totally; We’re taking a shot at beginning them back up. They were giving the wrong data in a few key spots, and we right now have specialists attempting to address the issues.

Amusingly, at first I thought I was not getting week after week reports either. Similarly as you did, I messaged Uber and was told they were never again being sent. Envision my unexpected when I was taking a gander at my email record and happened to look in my spam envelope. The week after week reports were really being sent, I simply had not seen them!

This week be that as it may (7/28), I have not seen a week by week outline.

However, the thing with UberX is that for a significant number of us this is just low maintenance gig. No one can tell what sort of information a Uber driver will have… For instance I have two advanced educations, I’ve worked in EMS for more than 18 years, and I’m an expert picture taker. I’ve needed to address occupants before on their findings and EKG understandings… I had an extremely intriguing discussion with a rider who is an examination drug specialist contemplating the impacts of cocaine and precious stone meth a week ago. Several days back I was talking about intubation methods with a prescription understudy who was having issues amid her anesthesia revolution. Had an incredible discussion with an analyst talking about Milgram’s dutifulness to power tests.

So no one can tell what “your own driver” may know… I’m sure that there are others here driving for Uber who are knowledgeable also. Uber is a decent and adaptable low maintenance work for those of us who simply require some additional cash.

Unexpectedly Uber Dark drivers, despite the fact that they’re paid more, will be bound to be proficient drivers and presumably less knowledgeable.

I just embedded an image of my vehicle in the lower right corner of my selfie. It works fine and Uber didn’t protest. I enables the pax to recognize my vehicle on swarmed roads or the air terminal.

Concerning smell, I soak my vehicle with the unscented Fabreeze a hour prior to beginning my day of work and I convey a jug of Ozium that I can shower after a ride if necessary.

Truly, some of the time I need to lower every one of the windows and open the moon rooftop after a few people escape my vehicle just to dispose of the stench of their scent. Not assaulting anybody here, IJS!