Is there any way to revers bad rating?

What happened if we have a rude passenger & gave them 1 star rating, then they also retaliate by giving us 1 star that will totally make a big drop on your nice ratings. Is it true that if customer threw up on our car and we got paid say $200 for the cleaning fee, Uber will go after the customer for more than that, say $300? (I heard this from another UberX driver but want to know if this is true or not?)

If a rider gives you a bad rating, you cannot change it. I saw a lot of emails from people pretty much begging to have a rating changed. They do this to keep the system “fair”. The only way a rating can be changed is if the rider wrote in and requested to have it changed.

Well from my perspective – I would question what that form is really doing. It’s not hosted on UBER’s website… atleast not that I can see. So to me it looks like a 3rd party trying to collect information.

I had this done to me and they adjusted and gave me the UberX rate. On top of it they screwed up the adjustment and it was $3 short even at the UberX rate. Passenger was a liar. No possible way they made a mistake. I don’t understand how the driver is liable for the requested car when it’s out of our control.

Yeah former CSR…any word you are aware of why TK won’t let us receive cashless TIPs? Any inside scoop on this getting added to the app soon like Lyft has?

I hate that about Uber. I completely agree, the driver should not have to pay for the rider’s mistake. In the future, just keep emailing them. Eventually they will give in because they will get tired of you emailing them lol

the “job” is honestly not bad. You pick your own schedule, get plenty of OT, you can travel if you want. But the constant worrying about when or if they will let you go was too much for me. The lack of communication between managers and CSR’s also bothered me

never. we had the option to credit the rider and let the driver keep their fare. Last thing I wanted was the driver writing in and asking me why I adjusted their fare. I honestly did whatever I needed to to make sure both sides were happy.

I never saw the point of taking $20 away from a driver because a rider was not “happy” or whatever the reason was. Uber is a multi-billion dollar company, they allowed us to credit both sides if need be…20 bucks won’t hurt them.

How long (hour-24 hours? Longer?)does a PAX have to rate the driver? Also how long does it take for the rating to be factored in your driver ratings (immediately? Hours? Days?)

I have a brand new 2015 Mustang lol. Even if I could use a sports car/ coupe I wouldn’t. Just the thought of a rider throwing up in my car makes me mad.
Much respect to all the drivers who do it. I know it’s not the easiest. Especially dealing with drunk/ rude riders.

I’m not sure how much time they have honestly. Anytime I take a ride, even if it’s days later, before I can request another ride, I have to rate the last driver.

No, I’m talking about the positions at the offices, most of them are making 6 figures. The corporate offices, the one in SF and LA. Not the positions working from home. All you need is a high school diploma to work that position.

Because we picked our own schedule, we just added it to our schedule. The manager would tell us how many hours of over time is offered for that week (usually 20 hours) and we could decide how many of the 20 hours we wanted.

You’d be surprised how many riders say drivers smell like “butt”. Like seriously… “butt”. a lot of rides complain about the price of the fare and rate the driver based of that… which is not fair because it’s not the driver who sets the rates.

There is no way to block a rider from getting a driver at all. that happened to my best friend. She gave a bad driver 1 star and got the same driver a few days later. Of course she canceled the ride.