Is there a benefit to driving around?

I generally sit for 10 minutes or so then drive off a couple miles down the road if no pings then sit again. this happens rarely though as i have been able to get pings quite quickly after dropping off pax or get a ping within 10 minutes.

I found this better than driving around hoping for a ping myself. only time i’d really drive farther than a couple miles is if i drop off a pax in the middle of nowhere.

Here in Seattle the downtown core and a few surrounding neighborhoods are where many trips originate/end. So if I’m out in the rural hinterlands it makes no sense to park and wait for a ping. Instead I start driving surface streets towards downtown. If I’m already in a high density area then I park and wait.

I’ll pull over, open the rider app and see if I’m in the midst of a pack of other drivers. If so, I’ll move on. Often, I won’t sit because I know I’m in a slow area and want to get to someplace busier.

Transitory miles are understandable. After I drop the rider off, I park somewhere close. If 10 minutes passes with no ping, I’ll start driving towards a different area. But under no circumstances is it ever logical to just drive around.

Ever notice when you get a ping, it almost always seems to be in an area you passed 5-10 minutes prior? Very annoying and I never accept those requests. If the ping is not in the direction I’m heading, then I’m not going to turn around and drive back to where I just came from.

Sometimes, when I’m bored, I watch the little Nubers drive all around looking for fares. So sad. Then, when the rare Charleston surge hits, watch them scurry like rats to the cheese.

It depends. If there are other cars nearby, I move sometimes, especially if they box me in. Generally I try to stay put unless I am in a known dead zone where rides are scarce.

Driving around may be less boring than sitting in one place, but its an expensive way to operate. Cab drivers can take street hails, Uber can’t, so there is exactly zero benefit Even when I was driving a cab, I looked for an appropriate cab post, even though gasoline was 1.15 in the mid 90’s.

I check the app to see where the cockroaches are, and go in the opposite direction. I’ll find a lot, near a busy area. I’ll sit for up to an hour. Nothing, then move to another area.

There was someone here once who claimed you get more pings driving than you do sitting still, that’s not true in my experience. Granted PS is a smaller market, after I drop off I head app on to one of two lots to wait for the next ping. Some nights one lot is hotter than the other.

So basically just stay put for 10-15 minutes, if you aren’t pinged drive around a few miles to a hot spot? Let me reiterate I drive a Prius, driving around 10 miles extra a day, is going to cost me about a buck. I can afford that.

I drive a Prius as well, you’re still wasting gas driving around. You seem stuck on the fact your u have a Prius and no matter what people have said that’s your argument for driving around. It appears you’re going to do what you want to do regardless of what’s presented to you here, so take your made up mind and aimlessly drive around.

Let say you drive around with empty car, at the end of the day you have waste about $ 5 on gas and 10 miles of driving around on empty car. The irs said each mile is cost . 65cent. In a week you will lose totally $75 for just driving around.

I drive around, as fast as I can to my favorite spot. I don’t sit in one spot for very long, only long enough to post here and take off. People will call me a fool for adding miles and wasting gas. For me, it works out in the end. What works for me, might not work for you.

Well I think there’s a happy medium if you have a car that gets great gas mileage and you want to check out some local scenery. I love right by the beach so I guess it makes sense for me than if you lived in suburbia. Thanks again for all the input.

Not saying that. Look at the deduction you get versus your real costs of driving a mile and compare to the tax you are paying. You may find out, that driving dead miles, will earn you 5 cents per mile.

I usually sit in a parking lot, preferably shaded so I don’t have to run the engine for A/C. Since we don’t know where the next ping is going to come from, I feel driving around is a waste of gas. The only time I drive to another area is if I drop off pax somewhere way off the grid (with low chance of ping) or in a neighborhood where I don’t wanna pick up pax.