Is it worth chasing surges?

I’m relatively new to driving for Uber, and I’ve been wondering about something. When I see a surge, I drive toward it, but it disappears before I get any pings. Is it just a matter of all drivers getting there at the same time?

I personally chase them if they are within 5 minutes. More than that, I discovered it’s not worth it.

Thats true cause around here they dont last much longer then that so unless there close there not worth it

Unless you are maybe 1-3 miles away or so… or 5 min from it try get it but it sometimes disappears fast

Some surges like bar close or entertainment venues can last up to like 30 minutes, if you know why its surging, its probably worth chasing. If its a random small surge with no real reason, never chase it.

Don’t chase them. Only time it might be worth it is New Year’s Eve or St. Pat’s evening.

It’s one thing to go to an area that surges all the time, but if there’s just an occasional spike, it’s not worth it.

Don’t chase the surge. Position urself to b in it. The more u drive the faster u learn it.

DO NOT chase the surge, prime time, or guaranteed hourly rate. ALL scams to make sure there are more than enough drivers on the road.

Surges are never worth chasing. I’ll be in a surge area & not get a ping. I drive out of the area & almost immediately get a ping. I’ve stopped trying to understand Uber & it’s so called fixes.

If you’re going to drive to a surge keep your app off until you’re in the middle of it , but most of the time it’s fake and uber being shady you bring more drivers in the area and they keep the profits for themselves

If the surge is high Turn off your app. Then head over to where your satisfied being. Then turn app on.

If nothing else is going on I drive towards it but with my app off… once everyone drives towards it with the app on that’s why the bonus goes away

“Chasing the Surge” never works. Just stay where you are. They usually don’t last, and if they’re really legit, you’ll get pulled in if you’re anywhere near it.

Typically it is not worth chasing surges. Most of the time you will only get one trip in the surge anyway. But sometimes it can be, for example a big event like a concert or game. If your no more than 15 minuets away then this is usually worth the effort. The same usually goes for late night bar closings. Any others then don’t bother unless your no more than 2 minutes away. Depending on your market you can earn quite a bit during surges.

Last time I was lucky enough to be in a surge area, I caught a ride… wow… sum total WITH surge? $4.50. Fuck that.