Is it time for a new car?

This happened a year ago. One of my riders asked me if I had an ox cord. I had no idea what an ox cord was as o I said no. The next day I googled what is an ox cord? I found out it is an auxiliary cord. I checked my cars manual and found out my 2014 honda civic does not have an auxiliary port. Well my car like me are behind in tech stuff. No USB ports in the back seat area and only one 12 volt port in the front seat.

I have no idea what an ox cord is either.

It’s the cord you have in order to control the ox

Do not get a new car for an aux port. They make $5 adaptors for your cigarette lighter with 2 aux ports

Wrong! The cigarette lighter port is no way, shape or form connected to the car’s audio. You must’ve mistaken what he was trying to say. An auxilliary cord is needed to connect a device to the vehicle’s audio. Now, what you’re suggesting will only make sense if the pax was looking for a cord/cable to charge their device.

Your car should have one. I have a 2005 Sentra and it has one.

It’s based off what the manufacturer chose and the radio installed. My 2012 caravan didn’t have one with the base model radio. The next trim level up upgraded the radio and added the aux option.

yes my car has bluetooth and a touch screen display. I have a USB, mini USB, and hdmi port

I didn’t think my 2014 Chevy Cruze had one. Found out it is in the center console glove box…who’d a thunk?

Don’t do it! The only ones that ask are wanting to play their own music. Probably loudly. I seriously hate the aux cord.

I only used mine once. It was a pax on the way to a concert where I like the music. He was playing it on his phone. I offered it to him. Otherwise, I tell people I had a couple but they always start crackling so threw them out and stopped buying them (sorta true even)

If you want to listen to your passenger’s shitty music then, by all means, get a new car with an auxiliary port (fuck those kids - I refuse to abbreviate to “aux”…lazy shits). I have Sirius XM - I keep it on three stations…Classic Rewind, Classic Vinyl and Comedy Central (for in between rides). Once in a while, I’ll put it on a sports channel to catch a game.

Just like I tell my kid - non negotiable…listen to my music or put in your ear buds. And I’m still able to carry a 4.93 rating with about 15% in tips (on average).

So they have control. It’s the reason I use an aux cord in my car. I can choose the actual songs I want to listen to instead of the dj choosing for me.

Why don’t I just give them the steering wheel too…since it’s about control.

No. My car, my music, my steering wheel. The last fucking thing I need or want is some jackass changing the fucking station every 15 seconds until she finds that one song that’s already half finished just to start the process all over again two minutes later.

They can wear their ear buds if they’d like - no restrictions on that.

He’ll no. They don’t like it, order up and pay more

I played dumb when a rider asked if I had one. (I knew what he was asking) so playing dumb works too. I just didn’t want to listen to his shitty music, which he ended up taking over control of my radio anyhow. Thankfully it was only a 5 min ride, tho about blew out my speakers. Last time I let that happen. :joy::roll_eyes:

I have my iPad mounted so that it is difficult to get to the volume controls. I tell them I adjust it from my steering wheel. Lol

I have an aux cord but would never let my passengers use it nor plug theirs if they offer. I will only change my station if the passenger respectfully requests. I play the Grateful Dead channel on Sirius XM and hardly ever anyone complains.

Wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper to get a new radio?

Anyone who asks for the aux cord is literally the worst.