Is it safer to have the PAX in the backseat?

I prefer the PAX in the front seat and encourage it. It’s more personable I do not prefer a PAX that may rob, assault, kill me in the backseat. Help me understand your reasoning this being a major issue? Out of the 900 rides and an estimated 1800 PAX in my vehicle, I have had one incident that I felt uneasy and he was sitting directly behind me, but did get kicked out.

That’s not their call; it’s mine. It is my vehicle. If that somehow get low ratings than so be it. It appears paxs have way too much leverage as it is; they are paying for a very basic service. You can’t order Prime Rib at a fast food drive thru for a reason.

As many videos will show and drivers will tell you, having them right behind you is perhaps more dangerous! The premise is driving strangers in your car, I’m not sure it matters where they sit. What’s more dangerous statistically are the other cars on the road.

You may not be cut out for this and a little paranoid. You are picking up paying customers that need a ride. 99.9999% of these people are average people that do not fall into the category of ‘perps’, they are simply going to point A to B.

I’d rather have a solo rider up front than the back. They always choose the back seat tho. Sometimes front. I keep my glock on the left side so if someone was up front and things went south it’d be easier to shoot to the right then behind me especially why driving

As stated before, if you are this paranoid, you may not want to do this. Your paranoia is likely to cause you to over-react and throw out a good pax, or even worse, assault somebody, because you think they are trying to “get you”.

This can cost you as little as whatever money you could make and your ratings, or in the worse case scenario, some serious jail time. But hey, when you go to jail, you could talk to the cops about how it’s safer for you to be in the backseat.

Exactly. The fact that you think it’s more dangerous tactically to have them beside you than behind you proves you know nothing (less than Jon Snow even) and probably haven’t been in a fight since high school. (& probably lost that one too)

The college girls with the skin tight, low cut mini skirts that they are falling out of sitting up front is an occupational hazard. I hate when that happen…

You agreed to transport 4 pax in your car. You do not want to uphold your end of the bargain. You are breaking the contract. Quit making agreements you have no intention of upholding by removing yourself from the platform.

What safety reasons? Does your passenger seat have a spike that shoots out at random times, possibly injuring the rider? I don’t often get 4 riders at once, but here is how I handle it. One sits in the passenger seat up front, and the other three sit in back. Pretty simple.

If they ride in the front seat they have to buckle up. It is the law. You are right that they have an entitlement mentality (however so slight) simply because they purchased a service. And you are the valid means to that transportation service end. Nevertheless laws and rules abide fast. Safety first and happy trails second.

One option to discourage front seat riders might be to move the front passeger seat forward and suggest that there is more leg room in the back.

You sound like someone who has never driven for Uber. Riders are smart enough to know that if the front seat is way up, it can be moved back. In many cars, it’s laughable to suggest there is more leg room in the back. That’s rarely true.

While it is true more modern cars don’t lack an economy of space the larger chaps’ legs still bend at the knees and pommel the backrest of the front passenger seat. If someone is sitting in it it makes the ride distracting and uncomfortable. I guess I should have said more knee room.