Is it possible to make 200 with winter weather?

I am suppose to start full time job Wednesday, hubby says if I take uber/lyft serious and make 200 tomorrow I won’t have to start the full time office job, hmmmmm is it possible?

Realistic goal is $100 a day but you’ll be putting in good amount of hours for that. You may also get lucky and get a good trip but you can’t predict when that will happen. Also, tomorrow it may be very slow because of the weather. Specific holidays like New Years and the like you are more likely to make $200 and above, attaining $200 especially on a weekday is not common at all.

People are still going to be flying into town and needing rides from the airport. If there aren’t many drivers out, then demand will be up.

If you want to make $200 tomorrow you better start today lol. How much does he want you to make a week?

Well if I made 500 a week he would be happy but I have told him last few months I would get serious about it and never did! So now I have to start full time somewhere else! lol :joy: I should have just done it earlier instead of slacking and playing!

Take the full time office job no matter what. You, nor anyone else should go out in icy conditions when Uber has a $1000 deductible and Lyft has a $2500 deductible. Plus if you don’t have the Rideshare insurance your company probably will drop you if you get in an accident.

Its possible. People still need rides and no one will be on roads. Buses will be parked. Surge will be insane

Ok taking full time job! Plus it’s in oil and gas with great money! I will make extra on weekends as needed!

I work my full time job then do pickups during bar hours and club days. Thurs thru Saturday and Sunday during the days. Makes me plenty.