Is driving Uber worth it?

I got laid off from a 7yr job so I thought maybe uber was a good gap until something permanent but if I can only do about $100 for a 12hr shift I must be doing it wrong or I wasn’t told what uber really was. Today was a disappointment. Can’t believe I couldn’t even pull $100 for 12hr of driving. Crazy.

Don’t ever take non-surge trips. With surge-only you make the same or more but drive a fraction of the distance. I make$97 in a quarter of the time you did, but then I only drive the best hours and my weekly uber income is fairly small.

And how much was your gas bill for the day? Uber pay sucks. Welcome to Uber. It only gets worse as uber intends to make every person on the planet a driver. You will turn on the rider app any time of day and see everyone on your block is sitting there waiting for that big exciting $2 ride. What? You believed someone when they told you they made big money driving for FUber?

I guess I have much more learning to do if that’s the case. The only problem is that when I go into surging areas it usually disappear before I get anything so I stopped rushing to surging locations. Please more tips would be great! I’m still new at this, 2 weeks in so I hope there’s hope with uber.

I grossed $114 after Uber and Lyft fees tonight, but it cost me $30 in gas alone. That brings me to $86 dollars before taxes. For 10 hours on the road, considering for 15% in taxes, that means I netted approximately $7 per hour!

The worst of it is the sleazy people. They gleefully nickel and dime you in any way they can think. It’s pretty sad. By the time the drunks were pinging I had enough. Got a couple chuckleheads acting beligerent looking to hop to the next bar.

They were in my car for a minute, and the way they talked to me I just pulled back in the parking lot, cancelled the ride, and told them to get out. One of them sneered his way out and left the rear passenger side door open as an act of defiance.

Some drunk couple who were pleasant immediately got in and we drove off into rideshare bliss as the chuckleheads watched from afar. I credit God with that, I would have been satisfied with just driving away and giving the chuckleheads the thumbs up.

What pings do you eliminate? I bypassed a bunch tonight from the Pavilion Grateful Dead show letting out. I got caught in that driving someone to it before the show, so I was prepared to blow it off.

What I drive nets me $20-$25 an hour and I will never speak of it. Your ditching events is step 1 in a 20 step process. Welcome to step 2. Step 2 involves never doing bar runs to their home unless it’s 2+ surge and ONLY from city bars that suburbians frequent. Good luck.

Ok, well here’s another one I learned on my fourth day in today: Never get drawn out of the city, unless it’s an affluent suburb that’s highly populated. Boonies means bust!

Learn where the suburbian rich eat downtown and bring them there. Fat fares and tips. This one PATIENT ride makes your hour unlike the 1,000 clowns downtown who never make a buck.

The exurbs here are not bad. You will have to violate the Five Minute Rule, but I apply that rule mostly in the City. I will break it in the City if I am in certain residential areas and the ping is there, as well.

Once I get into the suburbs, I will relax the rule, as well, but, again, I will let my knowledge of the streets and traffic patterns dictate how much I relax it. But, I stray. You can stay busy in the exurbs, here, at least. You will get more than a few locals, but, eventually, you will get something that takes you back to where the proverbial action is.

In this market, Uber does have a pretty good incentive programme that it recently put into place. The exurbs and even some of the closer suburbs are outside the Reward Zone for this programme, so if you do get something that goes out there, you could suffer a little bit.

The more I involve myself with everything to do with uber the more it feel like I’m involved with some cult. Why do I feel dissapointed. When you get a new job you are not supposed to feel disappointed. Dissapointment usually mean a big F.U. boss. Oh…wait a min… we are partners lol. This is really starting to feel like a big joke but I must go on…geez.

You’re doing it wrong… Trial and error. I was in the same boat as you last year when I started. 12 hour days for like $150. Learn your city’s habits and then hopefully you can cash out. Good luck to you sir!