Intoxicated rider story. What should I do?

Hello fellow drivers,
Here is my story:
On Friday I been working since 5 am. Around 4 I got a ride to a body Shop. Once the customer hoped in the car, she asked if I could take her to a Bank of America ATM close by before the stop that she would be quick. She said do not worry I would tip you. I said ok!
We stopped at the ATM but it seems like there is a daily limit. But since the rider got in the car she was agitated and keep saying that she needed to get her Subaru back. She had a laptop and a small little purse with her.
When she could not get more than 1000 from the ATM, she asked me if i could take her to the corner so she can see a teller and get more. The bank was closed already as it was after 4.
Then she said to take her to the address (body shop).
Once we got there she asked me can you stop at that one instead (another one) obviously the address she put was right but she thought it was somewhere else. They directed her to our original destination (same block). On the way she was explaining me how she was maybe involved in a hit and run so was trying to fix the car out of pocket not to leave any trace.
She was short and I told her usually in those shops, some people will take cash app or zelle.
They did not.
When the customer removed her mask, she asked me if i could maybe help her, send me 1000 so i can get it for her. She said please will tip you really well, that she was a big executive, money was not problem and rich family she said.

I was like ok then Miss lets go, we tried but the ATM was not working. The shop refused to give her back the car.

She said then please can you take me back will pay you. When I asked the rider for her number on my way back to send back the 1000, the guest wrote down a wrong number. I realized that because the number was like 12 numbers. I asked her to verify and she said oh no thats wrong then i took the right one and sent back the money around 5:20pm. I have receipt i sent the money everything.

When we got there, she asked if i wanted to come up for a drink as she really liked the fact that I helped her and the fact that I was being nice, that she loved my Caribbean accent. I was about to finish last ride i said why not.
She also said please stay and help me with some stuff and she said not to worry she would be very generous.
Right now i said ok.

Getting in the building she did not have her keys, she did not even remember having them and even said: damn i dropped 1000 on the desk at the shop and did not even tell anyone or took a receipt.
A lady opened the garage door from where we went up.
She even left her apartment door unlocked.

When we got there she gave me a beer and had a bottle of Jameson already open on the corner, what she grabbed and drinking straight from the bottle.

Then she started to explain me how on Thanksgiving she had a hit and run. Was not sure if she hit someone and she just left. She said that same night breaking someone elses window, even broke her own room window because could not find her key. That same night was stopped while being drunk and speeding. The cops just gave her a warning. She said i am an executive and could not stay and could not afford a dui.

Then after having 2 beers she was drinking. Flirting teasing me , showing me some tattoos and some intimate ones. We flirted for a while. Then she said she needed cash and her keys. She said lets go check one last time in my car. We went, and nothing was found, she kept kissing my body, even a security guard saw that outside where parked.
Then I said you need cash, i do not have that much cash but as i told you i have some stuff to pay tomorrow, i have 400 in my glove compartment if that can help and you can just send it to me. She said perfect. She took it.

We went back to her apartment, again locked out and she waited for someone to come out. Then she started flirting again. She said please find my keys and could give you 2000 now. She said please go outside and check after helping her looking in the apartment. What I did, and she said get some condoms. Well I went and look and got some condoms. (Did not even try when came back).

When i went back i told her look it is almost 11 and I am tired. I am sure the keys are at the shop (where she left them) . Because she was even asking where she went obviously she was not quite alright what made me not being interested at some point. Then before leaving she cancelled and returned the 1000 i sent her since 5pm. She said you helped me a lot, keep it. Im like are u sure she said yes, you nice, you helped me been good to me. Take that for you as I said that I was going to compensate you for your time, and for keeping the secret etc.
I was please take my number anything, let me know, happy to help. Even said how she made my night and my week. And she said she was happy she did.
Then I left. Made 600.

This morning, customer calling me saying she did not mean to leave all that. Also that she does not recall taking any money from me.
That I never gave her the money, when I have all the email transactions.

Well I said if its like that id rather go to a police station and fix this. Even offered to meet there. She did not want to with all she did. I even went myself they were close.

Then she called saying that she filed incident report.
When i called the police, spoke with 2 representatives and also my bank and reported that to uber, both the bank (zelle) and the 2 representatives told me that it was a civil dispute that it was a personal transaction and paid for services transaction. The police couldnt do anything as no one broke the law or anything.
When they call to just give me side of the story. They said that zelle transactions are final maybe she is trying to dispute and get it from zelle for insurance but most likely nothing they will be able to do.

Just want to know your perspectives and point of views.