Interested of becoming an Uber/Lyft driver. Recommendation for the right vehicle?

Evening! I’m interested in becoming an Uber/Lyft driver. I’m also a realtor. I’m looking to get a second vehicle for real estate and uber/Lyft. Should I stress doing uber select type vehicle or do basic uber and if so what kind of vehicle you recommended? I was considering BMW X1 because it’s nice, price is good for used, mpg is great, enough space for passengers and or my for sale signs. I’m wanting a more cross over suv rather than a small car.

Thanks for your help!

I wouldn’t recommend a BMW, they have issues and with the miles you may spend more time in the shop then on the road. I’m speaking from experience as a REALTOR® and driver. IMO Mercedes have good value and little maintenance (outside of the expected services which I trust you’ve already budgeted for). I wouldn’t buy a car for uber yet I would be intentional in your purchase… just know that it’s not a lot of bang for buck in buying for Select. The pings are low and it’s cool for what it is however if it’s not your full time it’s not going to pay your note.

I never force real estate conversation but everyone loves to talk about it. I try to avoid it with friends or new acquaintances unless they repeatedly insist

If you decide to drive every now and then, be intentional about it and learn the market, where people are buying, living etc however in the time spent driving for gas you could have helped a buyer or seller

I drive an old model Mercedes. I lucked out on this vehicle. But be smart about your purchase. Either way the less you spend the more you make! Business smarts.

I am a Broker/Realtor and also do UBER. I got a vehicle to do Select and rarely get Select rides. Save your money and get just a cheap basic car with 4 doors which gets awesome gas mileage to do UBER X. Your gas mileage is very important.

The 20% of your activities that generate 80% of your business, it’s from Pareto’s Principle. What’s more beneficial, you driving around with signs in your car installing then storing them etc or hiring someone to do that so that you can focus on getting more business? There really are only 5 things you should be focusing on as a business owner. 1. Lead generation 2. Lead Follow Up 3. Going on Appointment 4. Negotiating Contracts and 5. Studying the Market

Delivering the signs is not something that should be taking away from your daily operations. Yall email me anytime if I can help or if you could benefit from referrals to leverage yourself out of your business so you can focus on your clients

I have been a Realtor 12 years and a Broker 7 years. Signs are not a big deal to put in a yard. I just put them there when I am doing everything else needed to List a home. It doesn’t take much time at all. Just part of the business.

Get the explorer. The Acura needs premium gas or after long enough on Acura boards they are complaining about 13 to 14 mpg. And some years they are known for having lots of problems with the cvt transmission. Explorer is on the taurus platform now and handles great like a car.

I’m in the car business, since you’re are going to depend on your vehicle quite a bit the last thing you need is something European, if you want luxury go for a Lexus

I have an 08 BMW with over 150k miles. I have had zero problems with it, get 21 mpg in town and 27 on the highway. I have changed my plugs and coils and am about to change my break pads. Other than my oil changes, I have had no problems with it.

Definitely don’t do it. Especially with a high-dollar vehicle. You will be losing money in the long run. I speak from experience.

Dont!!! It’s not worth it. We all speak from Experience. If you can do basic math and figure out your vehicle expenses from your earnings which are really low, you will see it is a losing gig especially in a high end vehicle. If you decide to do it, Look for the nicest minivan you can get with leather seating that will qualify for X,XL and Select,