Inadvertently accepted a pax with a 4.56 rating, instinct said cancel

But curiosity said let’s see what the reason could be since it is mid day. After a few minutes ask ask her if she realizes she has a low rating, and if she might know why. She replies 4.5 out of 5 isn’t low at all. I explain that a driver with that rating gets deactivated, and explain drivers can be just a petty as riders at times when it comes to rating, because there is no justification or explanation required to go with it. Low and behold I get a flag for professionalism, and if course, no explanation. SMDH! So sick of these entitled millennial snowflakes.

You’re supposed to provide a safe space for them to enjoy their ride. You ruined her uber experience. I can’t believe you said those mean nasty things to her. Should REALLY be made to pay for the 7x7 course. You’re a monster!!

You are pointing out a flaw, intimating there is something wrong with her. Not the best topic to bring up IMHO.

Asked if she ever had a bad experience or her or her friends ever got sick or anything. Pretty basic. Many pax have no clue they even get rated.

with her thinking 4.5 out of 5 stars are good, there’s a good chance she gives everyone 4 stars when she rates.

Yeah, my limit is 4.75, I’ve mentioned to people with high ratings that they are high. I might have angled it a little different in mentioning the low rating, something along the lines of " Do you like using uber? then she might say yeah and say “this this and this happened” Gotta just feel em out.

Picked up a 4.4 last night. He brought it up at one point. Turns out it goes back to before tipping was in the app. He was a good dude and tipped $3 in the app.

Here’s what the pax was thinking.
A guy she doesn’t know says your dating sucks. Why are you a crappy person?
Yup I can see how that would be perceived as un professional.

The sad thing is I could see myself asking that too.

Why pick her up if you were going to interrogate her? You probably made her feel uncomfortable.

A pax taking their 3rd trip ever after a 5 Star and 4 Star is on 4.5 when you pick them up Doesn’t mean much

It means lots of drivers have given subpar ratings for whatever reasons. Not going to risk it

calls millenials snowflakes
also gets butthurt about a rating
:roll_eyes: nobody cares

As a passenger I requested an Uber XL from Newark Airport recently. The driver was rated 4.56. I was curious as to why. I found out quickly. It was raining and his wiper blades were shot. I could smell cigarettes in the car. He greatly exceeded the speed limit on the rainy highway. As a fellow driver, I didn’t have the heart to rate him poorly. I figured that he would get the message from others soon enough.

She could have been shwasted when she earned those low stars lol :nerd_face:…she could have no memory of the answer to your question. I don’t get why you would ask. I’m pretty blunt AF, but not that blunt :face_with_raised_eyebrow: