In a cab company doesn't actively discourage tipping

The pax also cannot rate you poorly and have a direct effect on your job. They can file a formal complaint, but it is much more difficult for them, so it cuts down on that behavior quite considerably. Cab pax have also been trained to be thankful when you actually show up on time, they don’t have an app that tracks your every move so that they can criticise you even before they step in your vehicle.

I actually had a pax ask me for an empty bottle. And was annoyed I didn’t have one for him to spit in. Who in the hell just carries empty bottles around in their car? I mean I might have one if I just finished drinking a bottle of water but to assume I should have one?

For assuming that you would be ok with him spitting tobacco in your vehicle, and expecting you to provide him with supplies to do it; that would be an automatic 1 star for me, shows that he doesn’t have any respect for you.

I had the pleasure today of taking a ping from a woman in an upscale apartment ($1400 for a 600 sq. ft. studio), who called me upon receiving my standard text informing my pax to verify their location is correct and my rules of 4 pax max, no open containers and no tobacco.

If pax could request drivers they like then I could see an upside, but the argument of customer relations doesn’t fly when you aren’t working towards repeat business with that customer.

And who said anything about nickel and diming paxs? Most of us drivers simply refuse to provide free crap. That’s a far cry from nickel and diming, we will agree. It sounds like you don’t understand what that phrase means.

Again, the water is not free to you. If you have made the water free to you by way of taxes, you have most definitely committed tax fraud. If the water is free to you by some other means, you have stolen it or it has been freely given to you by a third party.

But there is no upside. I am in my 12th straight week of only 5-star ratings and I’ve never handed out anything. The notion of boosting ratings by handing crap out is a fallacy. I will agree that it’d be incredible if we drivers could buy ratings with a 10-cent bottle of water, but the data just don’t support that idea.

Who is paying $5 for a case of water? I laugh at some of these comments on here I would hate to get in some of your cars on a bad day or gosh any day.

I start driving for UBER in a week or so.I already have water,snacks,and towelletes.Doesn’t cost me much,and I bet it helps me with tips.My first time getting a ride with uber last week,the guy had water.I tipped him 5 bucks.

Interesting. My paxs seem to enjoy intelligent banter. After all, who expects a cabbie to understand statistics, be knowledgeable about law, have a good joke, and pull off a few good impersonations?

I seriously doubt the IRS would audit someone over this.There have been huge cuts in the IRS in past years.It’s a less than 1% chance,and even then it has to be a big red flag.

Yeah, the bus driver has more to contend with like pickpockets, prostitutes, and projectile vomiters. Oh, wait a sec… that’s an Uber driver.

It is a liability nightmare to pick up a minor. You must be 18 to use Uber per the rules. Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or guardian. Unbelievable that an adult would pick up a minor, use some common sense people!

By the way if you even think about saying it STFU to pax about tips not being needed. Just tell them tips are not included and are always appreciated.