"I'm thinking of getting one..."

We’ve heard this from 95% of Uber and Lyft Drivers who aren’t already protecting their job with a dashcam. The reason most drivers don’t have a dashcam is COST and PRIVACY concerns. This is why my team has developed Driver (www.trydriver.com): a hardware free, FREE, dashcam app for your phone. We are piloting the product right now, and it is most advanced on Android with AI functionality (forward collision warning), however we are in the Apple app store as well as a basic dashcam. Driver is not a spy cam, nor do we want your passengers to feel uncomfortable, so we only record audio/video within the vehicle when you tap with two fingers to record incidents within your car! For FREE, you can now protect your side of the story from rider complaints, with an application that is geared toward the driver experience. Start referring other drivers now, and we will credit you with free cloud storage for your videos. Those who sign up early and get in at ground floor will be rewarded as VIP users!

Please download and give your feedback to marcus@trydriver.com.

Next release over the next few weeks will include:

-Navigation overlay
-Infinite web backup for 9.99/month which can be offset to $0 for every 5 referrals.
-Videos will automatically upload to cloud and delete from your phone for seamless experience
-More comprehensive referral program

…and much MORE!

Thanks for giving us a try!