I'm the guy with water, mints, aux cord, and iOS/Android combo charger

I had a pax that told me I absolutely made his day for having a charger, he asked before I even offered, he was on the phone taking notes, I assume business related. I see this as an extension of courtesy and consideration. Some pax may expect it, so nice if you have it, but for the reaction of the pax that does not expect it…those are the moments that matter most.

I can’t do the water man lifesavers no problem. One of the passengers threw up when I gave them water that’s not going to happen again. I don’t think all passengers were smart or as considerate as this passenger is she had asked me to pull over so she could throw up outside.

Only give out water and other goods if you are driving select or suv! Uber x don’t give them anything except a phone charge. It’s a cheap ride.

Of course there is no tipping option ,but they make way more than x. I drove uber suv when i first started , i shared it with a friend who owned it but he ended moving . I would make $300 a day easy. $25 minimum fare. And people would still tip.

4 headed usb multi charger is 10 bucks on amazon. Any ride with an estimate of longer than 30 minutes, I offer the charger and I move my passenger front seat all the way forward so the pax can enjoy my couch on wheels.

People complained about water being too warm and in some cases too cold. I decided it wasent worth the hassle.

Candy, water, cell phone trinkets, napkins, & handjobs…all no bueno in my car. I’m tipped almost nightly in my X car. Sorry I just don’t see the point.

I get it makes you feel good and your passengers make nice commend, but I don’t think it really gives you a competitive edge. Is not like those passengers can specially request the Lifesaver mint/water guy. So you end up spending 12 cents and we’ll get your next ride just like the rest of us, from the app.

The driver with a 4.61 rating earns the same rate from Uber as the driver with a 4.99 rating. Giving away stuff for free does not earn you more profit. It just makes it harder to produce a profit because it increases your cost.

Does anybody consider that giving out mints or gum is just a nice thing to do? Why does everything have to be about the bottom line?

Nope. Thought about it when I first started, then I smartened up & realized ratings don’t matter unless you’re about to be deactivated. Thank god I didn’t go that route, jizz…er, i mean jeez.

Bottom line here, though, is there is no upside to handing crap out. I have never handed out crap, I receive just as many tips as anyone else, and I have a 4.96 rating just by being a righteous dude.

I don’t have to stop to buy crap for paxs, nor clean up the waste or worry about spills. Giving paxs more than a comfortable, competent ride in a clean car is a fool’s errand.

Honestly, if someone tips you then it isn’t because you gave them a bottle of water and a freakin’ mint, they were already planning to tip. Just like being a waiter or bartender, if they’re going to do it then they’ll do it regardless.

On the other hand, driver’s who give out mints don’t do it because they expect a tip, they were already planning to give out mints anyway, because it’s a nice thing to do. In fact, giving out gum, mints or water is one of the selling points that differentiates Uber from taxis.