I'm just not going to drive 10+ miles for a $4 fare

A little bit of a tough and unique situation for me. I work in the Austin area and Uber left back in May after the voters approved of a referendum that would have forced Uber to fingerprint backround check their drivers. Business has been awesome since then as the other TNC’s, especially Fare, in their absence have more than filled the void. Better rates and more importantly the ability to tip in the app. That said, I still use Uber out in the suburbs where the City of Austin does not extend, but the Uber coverage area does. Only issue is now since there are so few drivers out there and demand is not as high out, many of the pings can sometimes be 15+ minutes away and since I am now only doing 1-2 rides per weekend (sometimes 0), my cancellation rate can seem through the roof since I do so few rides. Tough.

The science is that the GPS lags somewhat behind reality. We are further down the road than the GPS knows, which is why Google Maps often frantically tells us to make U-turns. Problem is, if you are on an expressway and you just passed an exit, Maps doesn’t know that yet and can give you some screwy instructions.

A friend of mine was going to pick up someone but was forced to drive away from the location. The rider sent a text to the driver saying “where are you going.” The driver sent a text back saying he is canceling. The rider texted: “I’m reporting you.”

u will get deactivated for life…uber dont care if u or the passenger cancel it will still count as cancellation…u will get deactivated if u cancel or ur pax cancel more than about 150+ during your 500 overall trip

Iv’e been driving three years now, and every great once in a while I get one of those emails, but the worse my cancellation rate has been was 12%. If yours is worse than that I should think you are doing something wrong.

I have recieved a warning from Uber almost every week for the past 4-5 months. I mainly cancel short rides when the surge is high when I know the surge will linger for awhile. Also, in order to stay qualified for the weekly bonus, and my acceptance rating is low, I will accept a ride, especially outisde of a surge, and will cancel that shit, too.

A good driver friend of mine got deactivated after about 30 emails . He was able to get reactivated by going into one of the Uber Offices but basically . You can get deactivated if you consistently get the cancellation email which seems to go out once you go over 10% . I try to hover around 8% and i’ve only gotten the email twice both times I was over 10% once it was closer to 30% but that was during my first month of Uber

The actual % where you get a deactivation is based upon the cumulative cancellation rate of all the drivers in your city… If the city average is 10% they may deactivate at 20%… or if the city wide average is 15% they may deactivate at 25% or 30%… I dont know the formula, i just know the thresholds are different in each city depending on the average of all drivers for that city

I will let Uber deactivate me before I’ll incur that kind of liability risk. But, if they deactivate me for not taking risky fares, I’ll make sure that’s well documented and made available to anyone suing Uber in the future or facing litigation because they felt pressured to take marginal riders.

I will cancel any unprofitable pings. They can threaten me all they want to. I cancelled 10 in a row the other day and I will do the same thing any time they send me pings 15 mins away. If the company had any ethics they would not send out 15 minute pings. Worst company ever.

Very serious. I was 4.91 and selective a.f. thus my high cancelation rate. . Due to that, this Xmas and new year I won’t be collecting those surges. I was deactivated.

Cancelling rides is the fastest way to get booted off the app. Uber will give you numerous warnings but Lyft is not as kind. I was locked out of Uber app but I was able to get back in by visiting a green light center and pleading my case.

yup this is very true therefore lyft is more strict than uber…atleast uber dont really care if u called pax and ask them to cancel…if u do that on lyft they will txt u right away and harass u

You will get deactivated. Your better not to take the ping and let them expire, in that case you are ok. Once you take a ping its like accepting a contract and then defaulting on the contract…not good.

I had someone cancel 3x within 1 minute, so I just shut the app off for 5 minutes and drove out of the area, then I went "online " again problem solved. I also don’t see how you can cherry pick in Los Angeles, (plus you don’t know the destination) during the day the pings don’t stop, so if you cancel one, or miss one you get another really quickly.

They are not real emails. They are automated. even a couple cancellations can trigger them. But that shouldn’t even matter;if you get a ping that is not profitable, just ignore the request. No need to accept and cancel. That way you are not in fear of deactivation which is what uber wants.

If cherry picking was encouraged, everyone would cherry pick. That destroys the passenger experience if they cant get a ride at minimum distance.

My cancelation rate is like 4%-6% it’s my acceptance rate that’s 62% and now you can’t get deactivated for a low one anymore, but can get a timeout.