I'm glad I have a GPS I purchased after ride #1 and realized I can't do this job without it

Uber pick up locations are only 80 to 90% reliable. When I realize I have a bad pick up location, I effectively communicate with the rider and use my GPS to get to where they are.

One time, this involved teenagers going to a concert, and I know they low rated me, but the other times, with effective communication, the rider appreciates someone other than me sent them to a wrong address and we were able to work it out.

Keep in mind that wrong pick up locations are part of this job. Take it seriously and after experience with this setback that separates us from minimum wage earners and minimum wage earners, you’ll be able to handle it professionally.

I had one the other day. I got to the “location” pressed arrived, waited a minute, texted the rider… they texted back “im not at that location”

I pressed cancel (no show, thanks pup for noting the missing choice used) and moved on.

It gives them a chance to learn how to use the app properly without making the delay my fault.

We would be a lot more helpful if the rating system were fair.

I’m going to start doing that in Rosemont when ORD passengers try to pull the scam on me. I’ll ignore their immediate phone call, go to where they dropped the pin and then wait for an official no-show.

Next to the ARRIVE button, have a “wrong address” button. If you get to an actual location and the client doesn’t come out or calls to say they’re in another location, hit “wrong address” and the meter starts. Once you “arrive” the fare continues until you hit END. If you’re still in the wrong location, hit CANCEL no-show they’re charged the FARE + CANCEL every time.

This would PREVENT a lot of customers from not paying attention to WHERE the “pin” is placed when they request a driver. Hit them in the wallet and they’ll suddenly become smarter.

I contact the rider and after finding them make sure they understand how inaccurate the Uber GPS System is and suggest they ALWAYS enter the address if they want the quickest pick up–also ask them to understand using the pin can give driver wrong local and the driver is not responsible–education is best policy right? Had one today and when I called I woke up a young lady who gave me correct address and said she would send out her roomate…got cancelled by client when on my way there. Had driven about 4 miles to the pick up to. URRRR!:mad:

I’m old school. I’m not going to call you to make sure you put the pin in the right place before I head out to fetch you. I’m also not going to tell you to make sure you have on clean underwear in case there’s an accident or some money in your pocket … just in case. I raised 2 sons who are quite self-sufficient. I don’t plan on raising someone else’s kids. Put the pin in the right place or pay up.

I do a lot for my riders, because I CHOOSE to. More than most in my area (I’ve heard). I’m not going to wipe their bottoms, too. That’s the problem with most people … they want someone to do it for them. I’ll pass.

I feel like any time I correct a pax’s experience with the Uber app, or the rules of riding, they just seem pissy during the ride and my ratings for the single driving day seem to be low. Others have mentioned this too but I think your ratings are better the more you preach Uber gospel.

What I do (often) is show them the navigation when it starts acting up (which is nearly every trip), and let them know what I’m working with. So far, I’ve had the navigation show my vehicle in the center as the app rotates around in circles. My vehicle will go up the navigation “road” so far it disappears with no way of knowing what the next turn should be. The app has restarted after I “start” a trip. And my favorite, I hit accept and the “wheel of death” appears (working) only to show the error “please restart the app”. If I leave it alone, it will say that I missed the fare by taking too much time.

Slide to end trip and the rider rating graphics are different–two boxes (go on line and fare request) are now different. Also, I think the response was much slower but need to test that more. Not sure of anything else but I did have trouble when I clicked on “info” button–did not work for a couple of fares.

When you look at the waybill after accepting a ride does anyone see a destination any more? All I ever see now is “As Directed” Which used to be dominant but not the only thing I would see–I think Uber eliminated until after a trip is started. Don’t want a driver looking at destination and cancelling! Thoughts?

Here at the oceanfront the pin is NEVER in the right place.
I can count on the app to tell me to go to the oceanfront bike path every time.
This is not the riders fault, they were sitting on the outside patio of a restaurant when they requested the ride. My job is to know what restaurant is in that area so I can pick them up.

So I’m not the only one!
As I got request last night that was 15 minutes away, I tried to do what I always do: accept and quickly tap on info and cancel. Now it takes few extra seconds to tap the info link

Wait a minute! I have done this a couple times and have NEVER gotten cancellation fee–I think only Uber gets the $5? Am I wrong here? Why do you suppose I did not get it? Or…are you starting the trip when you arrive and then cancelling? I thought that results in $4 min fare? Educate me please!

I think clients don’t know their address half the time. And if they do know, they are probably unwilling or able to type correct address. This app is built to service the lowest common denominator. Push button. Get car. If it doesn’t work, then they push the button again.

It’s mostly dumb-proof though. Those missed pins are usually coming from novices or drunks.