I'm giving up offering plastic water bottles to passengers

It doesn’t seem to affect my tips nearly as much as being polite and friendly, driving safely and efficiently, and keeping the car reasonably clean. It is a huge waste of plastic though. Just think of how much impact we, as drivers, can have on plastic waste.
I even charted it for a couple weeks. People who took water bottles actually tipped less frequently than people who didn’t. So, done deal in my book.
I mean, I’m still gonna keep a few bottles on hand for drunk pax who clearly need it. But for the most part, I think we’re just perpetuating a problem.

i was doing water, 3 chargers, special floor lights, giving candy and snacks, and i never got reviewed or tipped. Stopped all that mess and started giving only rides, and not much conversation. Started getting good ratings and better tips. Imagine that.

Yeah, kind of. Most ppl are wrapped up in themselves and don’t want to be bothered talking to strangers

In Florida it pays off. I just got a $5 tip and then she handed me another $5 tip thanking me for the cold water. It has even appeared in my comments from Riders how grateful they were for cold water. But I understand everyone’s frustration and it won’t get you a tip every time. But I buy a case of 80 bottles of 8 oz Waters at Costco for only $6.99 and it’s a tax write-off, plus I have cold water for myself or my friends whenever I need it

But you could get 40 full sized bottles at bjs for $3.00 and you get more water per $. (You get more pax per $ too)

I was with the impression that “snowflake” as a pejorative is intended to suggest fragility.
But, since all I did was suggest that I feel better lessening my negative impact on our environment, and you got defensive and felt the need to throw an insult, perhaps we have a different understanding of the term. Or you just missed the irony.

Don’t give these raggedy passengers anything but a safe efficient ride. People called for a ride not a mobile convenience store. Welcome to the light

Agreed. Not sure what these people are thinking. “But I run a business… that’s why I have water and skittles!” Yeah… last I checked, we’re not 7-11. Idiots.

People are already going to tip or not tip based on their own personal values. There isn’t much you can do to influence other than find some way to go out of your way, and even then only people that have an appreciation for it will tip.

Giving a drunk water gives them more to throw up in your car. Way to get those cleaning fees!

Took me about 2 weeks before I figured this out and I live in Phoenix and started driving in June.

I used to do that 2 yrs ago had maybe 6 water bottles and many for bk up sometimes if there’s three passengers they take all Of it…

You’re nicer guy than me! I never let them bring anything in the car. Give them an inch they take a mile! They can kiss my ass! I have five stars​:joy::metal:

I don’t do it for the tip. But I keep water in the car in case someone needs some. I don’t necessarily mention it but when they need water they see and get some

Did u forget to spike the water bottles with a low dose of roofies take thier phones and tip yourself that’s how is actually done jk lol

I totally agree with you between them drinking all of the waters and going a short distance or leaving the bottles all over my car empty or better yet drinking some of it and putting it back with the water bottle. As far as for the candy they would eat half of it and put the remaining in by door handles or they would put the wrappers back in with the clean candy.

I switched up to juice boxes and goldfish crackers. When they complain about that I just reach back and smack them and the awakened nostalgia for their childhood gets the tips flowin’.

:+1:t3: Gr8 idea! I came to the same conclusion myself… w the exception of the hot summer perhaps :wink:

I have never offered them. Halloween I did candy and never will again. Chocolate ended up ground into my seats, crumbs all over and wrappers on my floor. Heck with that…no better tips, either. I never would have tossed wrappers on someone’s car floor. What the heck?! Nope…I keep it clean, I am polite and respectful and I get the safely from point A to point B.

I stopped giving out free water. Reason why is because they open it take a sip and leave it in the cupholdser without taking it with them. Which is a waste. Second they kept taking it off the cupholdster and putting it on the floor and not replacing it back. Third that these people used to take all the bottles and also open and spill it all over the back seat.