I'm fulfilling my community service goal

I drive Uber as a form of community service to honor my kid brother who died in a non-vehicular alcohol-related accident six years ago. I sure as hell don’t do it for the money. So if I get deactivated, why would I giveashit? I can do community service anywhere. I have a 4.96 rating, so it’d be Uber’s loss, not mine. If I can keep one or two drunks from getting behind the wheel.

I don’t have a dash cam. But if I got one, it would probably be to document my good behavior, not the passenger’s misbehavior. It’s not hard to prove you’ve been assaulted by a passenger. But without a cam, it might be difficult to prove you didn’t fondle a female rider.

I bought a dashcam when I was driving a taxi but haven’t used it with Uber. Taxi’s have dash cams that link directly to the city of Chicago. It is my understanding that stickers have to be placed to let people know that they are being videotaped.

Basically, I can’t videotape anyone without everyone’s consent unless it’s for security purposes, crime prevention, etc. Where it gets shady is the phrase “in areas where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy”.

But, as I am currently still at my present full-time job as a Tour Reservationist, I am simply looking to start slowly here before even thinking about applying as a driver. Just getting the pieces of the puzzle together first and the dash cam is one of those pieces.

Bottom line here is it’s your car. You can pretty much do whatever you like. After all, you’re only using a cam to protect yourself and your ungrateful paxs. Put up a sign in your car informing of the security systems in your car and you’re golden.

I would not post a sign regarding a recording. They only way you can legally use the footage is for an insurance claim or police, if that was even necessary. The footage needs to be deleted if there isn’t a claim. I bought one at Costco and returned it for these reasons.

First the pax has no idea who you are or what you will do with the footage of them. Sure a cab company is different, not the same as one independent contractor. Same goes for a beware of dog sign.

How can you Uber for a profit in that? Payments? Interest? Higher Insurance? Depreciation? It must not produce a lot of actual net profit.

There is now a very limited scope of what you can record and when. If we followed your law you could have a hidden cam as long as you were in it. Stand in front of a nuclear power plant a take a video. I don’t know what the rules are for Super regarding videotaping, however these pax are customers, not friends.

No one can legally stop you from recording a nuclear facility from public property. They will try, they will fail, the supreme court has been very clear on this subject. Same with military bases or police stations or, well, anything you want to film from public property. There is no expectation of privacy in public.

Hey, while you sit here and argue the legality of whether or not you can record your passengers on video or voice do you realize that Uber has full access and your permission without consent of telling you when they are turning on your microphone and camera.

Bottom line is, if you want to install a dashcam in you car, do so. Be sure you go with a dual-channel model. Personally, I wouldn’t dare drive U/L without a dashcam. That’s a fool’s errand.

I noticed my night pick ups are now a little bit more tamed on what they do. meaning they no longer assholes. yes it helps. I have the dual cam from falcon. It also adds safety to passengers.

The amount needed for a settlement would be way more than any Uber driver could hope to pay, anyway. He’s pretty much forced to take it to court and hope it gets ejected.

That’s a nice ideal. Unfortunately, many states don’t see it that way. As a two-party consent state, California is one such place. The crux of this case will certainly be determining whether or not the inside of an uber vehicle is considered a public space.