I'm Disabled...and i want to drive

Hey everyone,

I’m currently on SSDI.

I’d like to be productive and rejoin the workforce.

I’ve been looking into Uber, Lyft, Door Dash, and more.

I understand while on SSDI you can’t earn more then $1000 a month (as this would be considered substantial gainful activity).

  1. For those of you on Disability (SSDI), If you make less than 1000 a month do you still receive your full monthly benefits?

  2. How do you go about filling your taxes? Have any of you filled an LLC?

  3. Do you notify SSA and let them know your working and what you’ve made every week, month?? Or Just wait until you’ve filled taxes.

  4. When you registered as a driver was there anything you did differently for taxation purposes/SSA?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.
I’m interested in Lyft or Doordash but Uber is still a possibility.


Please talk to an accountant regarding income or tax filing or reporting income for ssdi. If you want to sign on for uber, I can train you provide you a car to drive or you can drive your own car and sign on my code with my uber is:
LUR6V. If you sign on my code I get refferral bonus so, I will spend time with you to train or have any questions. I have been driving uber/lyft for 5 years. I have car rental company. You can easily start an LLC and work full time. But how much you make on ssdi? Then, I will let you know if it is worth to form llc or not.
G twotech
Uber code: lur6v

I would not recommend doing this if you are on SSDI & concerned about your benefits because it could cost you some or all of your benefits. I used to be at 38% and since I drove they claimed due to light duty income potential they had lowered my benefit to 15%. In other words Uber is so easy to do they will consider it an easy enough job for you to off set your disability pay out. Once in theres no going back too esp if they feel its intentional etc. So, just be careful!!!

TY for looking out.
I was told by someone else on SSDI that as long as there under 1220 they get there entire monthly benefit amount?? I spoke to SSA over the phone and they confirmed there is no income limit for the first 9 months… after the 9 months they couldn’t comment… but i thought whatever you made was divided by 2 and deducted from your benefit amount. But this guy says you get the full amount as long as your before 1220. I’m sure they’ll be hurdles to overcome when/if i start working no matter what i do. The SSA is ruthless.
What did you mean by 38% and 15%?
Have you had success since trying to work finding something you can handle?
Thanks again for your response.