I'm against Uber's deceptive practices

one of them is when they create the illusion that drivers are making profits under their new rates. It’s simply not true. It may take a year or two before those that have been deceived realize that they have to subsidize their Uber job from another one to keep their car on the road. Hopefully, I can make an impact before that year or two passes. Who knows?

On the topic of potential lawsuit against Uber, did you opt-out of the Binding Arbitration clause during the first 30 days of being onboarded?
A vast majority of Drivers have never even read the Partnership Agreement, let alone Opt-out of Binding Arbitration. So pool of Drivers who might join a class action lawsuit against Uber is fairly small.

I read a story earlier today regarding driverless cars. They are making real progress with them. Pretty soon we won’t have much to banter over as far as driving goes, the cars will be driving themselves!
I really do wish you luck with your lawsuit. It’s not coming out of my pocket and as of now i don’t plan to purchase any Uber stock when they go public, so i hope you get everything you ask for.

Driverless cars… they are on the way, very soon. Google has it pretty much perfected after almost 10 years of experiments and testing.

My suit will be dependent upon a few others to prevail. But we’ll see.

I get your motivation. Me, I’m not expecting anymore money from Uber and I don’t lobby for it either. I have a choice to play by their rules or not. They are in the driver seat. Im just a passenger and i can be replaced.

Our industry needs good casuals. I’ve only ever had Cabbies and Limo drivers as a source of new drivers. I now ride in X cars to see what quality is out there and possible recruits to Private Hire.

You and I have been coexisting on this board for a little while now. I don’t remember ever having a problem with something you’ve said.
I guess what triggered my rant was reading one too many of the posts that trash everything and everyone with no rhyme or reason. You know the ones I’m taking about. Makes wonder what the motivation is. But annoying none the less.

Quite a foolish assumption, that the presence of drivers on the road translates to “people making money.” Are they under the illusion of making money…yes, as they are likely taking in more money that day or week than they put into their gas tank. Are they making a profit? I think a majority of drivers out there don’t really know if a profit is being realized or not, once all other costs are taken into account (and that’s just operating costs…not less-likely events such as destruction to a vehicle, accidents, or major uncommon repairs).

Some of us enjoy discussing various aspects of ground transportation, from insurance, to traffic, to laws and customer service. Maybe YOU should not spend so much time reading our comments. You could spend some free time with the groups I work with, like United Way or Wounded Warriors, or Special Forces Charitable Trust. Always rewarding.

Therein lies the rub. If a company cannot keep vehicles available within minutes consistently, at base rates, before long, customers will find other options. That is the flaw in the "surge only "approach.

Being part time in “Rideshare” is the go. If you have the luxury of being able to throw it in for the night if your city is crawling with other cars.

I just feel for the guys tthat are caught up in a bind and have to hang out and hit targets no matter what. Others dont have the margin to refuse pings from a silly distance away, but in the long run pay big time for the extra wear and tear.

Not just exploitation, but predatory tactics. Don’t think for a minute they are dumb and things just happen. They have a huge team of financial wizards and attorneys. They also count on naivete. I was suckered by inexperience and ignorance on my part. I got a little experience and am now removing the ignorance.

As has been pointed out, they THINK they are making money because they do not know how to calculate expenses – or they only calculate direct expenses, such as fuel, but fail to realize that every mile they put on their car puts them closer to major/expensive maintenance items, such as tires, brakes, timing belt, and so on…

You typically drive 1 dead mile to every 1 paid mile. If it costs 59.2 cents for every mile driven, then you’d need to get paid almost $1.20/mile just to cover the cost of the car. So at $2/mile, you would make 80 cents a mile for your time. If you’re on the interstate going 60mph, that’s about $48/hour max that you could make while driving.

As an owner of rental property, I spoke with an attorney about creating an LLC for the property. He advised against it, saying that the most likely event to occur that would result in a lawsuit or major financial liability is a car accident. Because of that, he recommended a $1 million personal liability umbrella policy, which would cover liability across all of our personal investments and activities.

I’ve got to tell you though, I found 1 driver on here who has the ONLY legitimate reason to drive for Uber now. He has so many overlapping expenses between Uber and his real job that he can use the losses from his Uber business to offset taxes from his real job. That is the ONLY smart way to use Uber.