"I'll tip you good" I just want to say, I doubt it

I’m just curious. When I used to wait tables we had a term we used, “verbal tip”. A verbal tip is when a customer tells you they’re gonna tip and then never do. Since I’ve been driving for Lyft I’ve received 5 verbal tips. Not 1 of them tipped.
Anyone else get this or is it just me?

all the time. i pretty much know when people mention tipping in the app or tipping at all its not happening. guilty conscience usually makes them do it lol they want to assure you they will when they know they wont. i have had a few rare gems that did it. also, flirts never tip.

Nope. I even had a pax whose wife is a driver not bother to rate or tip me. Like wth? Your wife does this and you don’t tip. And almost never get tipped by people in the service industry. Smdh

“I appreciate that, my experience people who say that never tip; I hope I provided the best service possible and that you will tip whatever you feel is right”

Yuuuuuuup. I bet you could really do some interesting psychological tests on this odd occurrence. It’s widespread. Is it guilt? :thinking:

The ones that say they will rarely do. I wont say never, because the other day a lady said, do you want $3 cash or $5 in the app and I said it didn’t matter.

I had a guy direct me to the PNC ATM machine and then cuz he was going to give me cash tip and then when we got there it was like he forgot why we were there I guess he had a few drinks. Needless to say I never got the tip it was weird

I’m thinking I want to come up with something to communicate this to the pax just to let them know I’m on to them. Perhaps hang a sign that says: Here’s a tip, telling me you’re going to tip me isn’t the same as actually tipping me.

Or something along those lines. Suggestions welcome.

I say it. It constantly happens. Ive even tried ending the trip the second i pull up and ask them if they need help with the rating and tip screen.

sometimes in conversation, they ask about how we get paid. slipping in the word “tip” helps. That kind of makes them feel like they have to tip you now.

I’ve had some passenger ask me to wait while they go to an ATM to get some cash for me… but cause lyft has the option on the app i just tell them do it there and they normally do.

I’ve only had one or two people who mention tipping actually tip. I am pleasantly surprised when it happens. My tips in general are not good. My rating is good, but my tips are not. My husband makes a lot of tips. I think it’s because he is younger and better looking. It’s a known fact that attractive people who work in a service industry make more money than someone considered not as attractive. Sometimes it hurts my feelings, but I try not to think about it.

The only time this “verbal” tip bothered me was when at 2 am, right as I was going to quit for the night, I got pinged for a ride that was 20 min away in the opposite direction and the passenger called to beg me to pick him up because 4 other drivers cancelled and he said he was going back towards my part of the city “ I’ll make it worth your while”. So I do the pick up- it’s three people ( all costumed from a performance), two stops. No tip.

I had a ubereats customer that told me he was going to tip. He didnt. He didnt know he would see me again. Yip and he said the same thing. I laughed and said thats what everybody says and they dont. He tipped. Lol

I’ve received more verbal tips than I can count. Uber’s app is partially to blame as sometimes the tip screen doesn’t come up according to a load of pax

of course we get it…dude was in full Darth Vader gear saturday, said he would be tipping me nice on the app, it never came…

Soon as i hear that and i feel like they won’t tip…i say…are you sure because i will be looking for it…but you know it’s cheaper to give me a five star rating…i say it in a way that makes them feel bad if they don’t keep their word

I may try that. When they say they’ll give a tip in app I normally say no it’s ok. I feel like that gives them a reason not to follow thron it I say it all the time without thinking

Uber only allows them to tip after rating you. Lyft riders, in my experience, are more likely to tip. (I got $25 in tips on 10/28, all from Lyft pax…they were 2/3 of my rides. The 1/3 of my rides who were Uber tipped $0.)

Its so you will give them 5 stars without actually tipping you, believe it or not some pax really care about their rating. I got smart to that shady shit. I Automatically give 1 star when someone does this because it happens alot.

How about those “out of the blue” one star or two star ratings? I was driving a couple to their anniversary dinner, roads were wet but it wasn’t quite freezing yet…I have all whell drive and fantastic tires…the wife in the back seat asks me if i can please slow down, even though I was going well below the speed limit…and i get a 2 star rating and an email that a passenger felt I was driving unsafely…stfu…next time close your eyes or drive yourself