If your tipping your driver, you are ahead of the game as a pax

You have done your part. Running off app is just an attempt to jerk a jerkoff. Uber needs serious reform in order to improve the relationship with their partners. It does however currently allow for casual work in an industry which is tough to do in a full time, legit way.

Why as a commercial ground transport service provider would you need to pay Uber during peak times such as Saturday? Why do you need them? What value are they providing you when it is busy already? Why would you not just use Uber for your own convenience just as they are doing with you?

Uber’s ability to transfer responsibility of ownership to the driver while insisting on and succeeding in defining themselves as merely a technology has enabled Uber to put a driver on the corner during peak hours when people are most impatient to get home.

Pax are happy via cheap fares in mature markets with a fleet designed to address peak demand. It isn’t sustainable for drivers. The system thrives on disruption and playing off uncertainty. Going solo isn’t an option for most Uber drivers lured in by it being billed as causal side work in the first place.

The only reason someone should ever drive for Uber is if they had a legitimate immediate emergency like feeding their family. Why are drivers participating in a system they know is intentionally screwing them?

Now you are hinting at the right track. The tip issue, the peer to peer rating system abuse. Those are in fact symptoms of a greater issue. To do what you are saying is easier said than done and it would be virtually impossible to do without lawyers or working with legislators on the behalf of the drivers. Most drivers are going to shy away from those options.

Just to talk to Uber isn’t going to cut it. That is why they higher CSR drones and never leave contact numbers for their drivers to reach them when reps show up for a cheerleading recruitment session. They come and go in a shroud of mystery, only to be seen again when they deem it necessary.

They are told otherwise and want to believe in what they are being told. The average pax believes their driver is making bank. The pax themselves may remeber the time when their market was new and rates were sky high in order to recruit new drivers before the big plummet.

agree, but…there are many of us who were able to cut their teeth in the early days and learned how to drive at a profit and can even now. It is still a difficult jump to licensed livery. I don’t wish to start the learning curve over, driving a cab.

Given the amount of work and grief, hoops and hurdles, if you are a Joe Blow looking to go into business for yourself, this is a tough tough time to do it. Uber thrives on disruption. Their livery industry seems to be mostly part of an elaborate Ponzi scheme.

I am currently building my own Ebay and Amazon and when I am done with these projects I will build my own Uber and bypass Uber to save me that $1.00 Stupid Rider Fee.

The convenience is that you work, sort of anyway, when you want to. Their network of calls is going to be much more vast than anything you could generate. About the only time this might have any kind of relevance would be in a market saturated with drivers.

If you are so committed to your protocol to drive off app, rather than asking drivers so many questions, again and again with the apparent hope that at some point, your proposal will be found to be supported by their answers, do your work and brings us something worth our time, energy and effort.

So you think it is better stategy to criss cross town fishing for pings competing with other drivers in the area in Midtown Manhattan on a Friday night instead of just picking up fares?

A driver would just stay put and just wait for a ping where they are. It is very efficient. As a taxi driver, if a could say for sure an Uber driver was running calls off app taking street hails, I’d want to cut his balls off and nail them to his forehead.