If you want to carry a gun (as I do), move to a free state

Tennessee for example says that you have a right to carry a concealed loaded gun in your vehicle at all times whether or not you have a carry permit. I like that law. If you want to live in a place where only criminals have guns and you are a disarmed victim, by all means, move to Boston or Australia.

I do agree that from a rider perspective its a bit much…but I saw an article where a driver got mugged while out of his car by some thugs on the street in the hood.

Would you ever let your wife/girlfriend/mom do this job after bar hours without one? Why would you put that worry on them, then? (If I wasn’t in AZ I would not register for CC specifically for this, but since its there for me so easily, as well as every single other person in the state so easily, I’m not going to put myself at risk) ((If pax asks, no I do not have one))

I will not be intimidated by anyone! I carry my .380 every time I go out to Uber…You never know who you’re going to pick up and what might happen…but I sure as shit will be able to protect myself!

I just assume that everyone I come across here has one. That’s neither good nor bad, and most people that do carry on them are intelligent people.

But I don’t know how many I have seen come out of the back of the pants when they sit down in the backseat. Most likely as just a little visual reminder not to with them as well. Every one gets along just fine

Most people are very responsible with their firearms and know when/when not to use or even mention that you are carrying. I do it for my own peace of mind. I won’t end up dead in the desert because some wanted to have his way. Like I always say: I’d rather not need it and have it on me than need it and not have it on me.

So I guess Uber’s never spoken up on this issue? I know Lyft is very specific in their FAQ’s that we’re forbidden from carrying while driving for them…as independent contractors, can they place such restrictions on us?

He was stabbed in the neck while not looking at the rider. You really think a gun is going to save you in that situation? The rider will make the first attack on you, gun or not.

You may consider going up to a 9mm, I like the Sig Sauer or Taurus. Very accurate. I heard something not long ago that CA has changed the application so it’s not as difficult to get the CCW, even in Los Angeles.

While I may be an Uber “rookie” as you want to call me, however - I am in no way, shape, or form, a rookie with a pistol. I have carried a handgun on me for the last 12 years. I don’t know if your post was meant to patronize but it does.

You don’t know me, or what I’ve been through in life that forced me to make the decision to always be able to protect myself. I’ll have you know that being here in Arizona, with no conceal laws, I have male passengers tell me at least once EVERY DAY, that they hope I am carrying, they tell me I’m far to attractive and petite to put myself in a situation to be attack by a drunken passenger.

I like the Sig P290 for the size but I have some sort of attachment to my Bersa LOL I don’t know why! She just fits perfectly in my hand! I have shot the Taurus Judge and that gun is awesome but it’s not for me.

One of the reasons I started uber is so I can save up faster for my illinois ccw class(mandatory) and carry firearm. Ill definitely consider carrying while driving once I do have the ccw license.