If you see a dog, drive off

I’ve only taken one dog once in my car, and to be honest, the dog was a lot nicer than the rider. I vowed never to pick up another animal (unless it was a service animal). I hate animals in cars. I got pinged a few months ago and arrived at a crappy house at the end of a dirt road. Young girl came out who looked like she just got dressed and had a scruffy looking dog tied to a old bit of rope. Told her I dont accept animals and simply drove off.

Uber doesn’t even wanna hear our side of the story before giving us the boot. All our investment labor and thousands of satisfied riders and all else down the drain with just one lying old grumpy spiteful person’s word with no proof.

Your only recourse here is to bombard uber support with emails stating your story. Include the doctors note. Take the doctors note to the Toronto office. Email your story to your local news stations (small chance anything will come of it).

I think the pax has nothing much except a msg that the ride was cancelled,and in that case Uber cannot be sure if you even found the pax as your reason for such a cancel could be wrong address or no show etc. And the Pax gets to the request screen for their next victim.

I took dogs about 6 times so far. Only 2 of them were service animals. they were both very well behaved and trained animals. there was no question about them being service animals. Owners pro-actively explained without me asking that they were a service animal. In other cases, owners tricked me, such as: A person comes and sits in the car, as I start the meter they ask me to wait for the other person.

Those are the questions you can ask. Emotional support is no longer recognized as a valid task, so if you get that answer you can dump them. Otherwise you have to take the dog, allergies or not.

Lawyer up. You have the medical records. Could be a good lawsuit for you. And call your local media, but only after you lawyer up and get professional advice on approaching the media.

I absolutely adore animals, have dogs & carry them in my car regularly, but I have a backseat canvas hammock I set up for them, buckle them in so that they can’t get off the hammock, & I keep the door covered with door covers so that they don’t scratch the vinyl.

Disagree. You can ask, but the owner is under no obligation to answer your very rude and personal question. The only allowance for asking those questions is from an employee of a covered entity.

The dog handler or trainer cannot be made to demonstrate any task just because you question the validity of the animal and the owner’s needs. Not all disabilities are easily discerned.

I agree- what you described doesn’t sound like a service dog. A lot of people claim their pet is a service animal so they can take it to places where regular pets are not allowed, like stores, restaurants, etc. Hope you can get this worked out.

This is an example of Uber seemingly distancing itself from any kind of regulatory concern or responsibility. As a taxi driver, I am allowed to refuse a call from my dispatcher for any reason. If I make a habit of it or I abuse the policy, they can stop leasing to me.

It shouldn’t be so damned difficult. As a taxi driver, I am expected to haul people from a to b or at least make an attempt. If say weather conditions are unsafe, I am free to abandon the attempt.

In what way do you disagree with me. You quoted the precise questions I said that you could ask. The only other stipulation I mentioned is that emotional support is not valid, and it’s not, emotional support dogs are not trained service dogs and not protected under ADA clauses (they added that stipulation because of the abuse it was causing).

I bet you drove during the strike too… Now you come looking for help when uber spit on you… This stuff will continue to happen. I hope it work out for you…

The proper protocol in a situation like this is wait for the passenger till she makes other arrangements. Which I did. I offered her saying if I can call her another uber or not. She did not even let me finish the sentence while yelling at me that she will write to Uber about this.