If you have a good job and a nice home DO NOT drive for uber

If you get into an accident and your insurance company finds that you drive for uber they will drop you as fast as humanly possible. You personal insurance does not cover livery work which is what uber is, you need commercial insurance for that. Uber’s policy is the biggest piece of bs ever issued. If you think $97 and $6 in tips is worth possibly losing everything you have then uber on. Uber will not have your back.

A passenger expects to the number of seats available for the type of vehicle requested. If you bring a guest you eliminate a seat belt. By law eveyone must have the option to wear one. You are violating Ubers TOS as well. Don’t put passengers in jeopardy.

You have to have 4 open seat belts, and having someone creeping is a great way to get a million cancels, and be reported. If she’s that worried about you working the college scene I think there’s some other issues going on…

Do not bring your spouse or anyone else along with you while driving for Uber. The pax will complain, feel intimidated, report you and you will be deactivated.

If your doing it for the family, then work the early morning shift before work and get everybody used to the idea of you being a driver. Then expand your schedule, if you want to spend time with drunk college girls.

The wife is apparently smarter than you. Every consider that possibility that one of these drunk college girls could get pissed off at you because you didn’t kiss her demanding,entitled, privileged millinium ass and make a false accusation against you.

If that hasn’t occurred to you how about a late night confirmation with some violent drunk or a mid night ride with some psychopath.

In any case, insurance is a mitigation against risk. I figure that in the last 25+ years of driving, I’ve only had one at fault accident. $97/day is chump change. I can’t even buy a commercial policy for that. And if I could, I would go all the way with a CDL - except Uber doesn’t offer any licensed opportunities in Savannah.

Isn’t it strange that this guy claims to have a good paying engineering job and he is SO obsessed with driving a minimum wage job? He’s all over this site posting his sugarcoating in multiple threads. Looking more and more liked he’s a paid sugarcoat fairy for Uber.

I actually am capable of having a well paying job with full benefits, a social life, and enjoy driving. I’m a commercial-rated pilot and a certificated flight instructor. I’m also in a market that still has a $1.75 pickup and $1.50/mi. with regular 3x surges on Friday and Saturday nights.

I work 4 10-hour days. I get a three day weekend. To take a Friday night (while my family is home, safely in bed) and help young ruffians home safely is worth something. I still get all of Saturday to recover and do house work, Sunday to rest.

You are not allowed to bring anyone along for the ride, you are conducting a business, when someone orders the car, they expect to have 4 seats available, what kind of job do you think this is.

You can not be running any Taxi/FHV service and be tagging along family members or friends. When you are dispatched the customer expects all the seats to be available, be it SUV or sedan. Another wanna be Taxi driver.

Ok, so you know the ins and outs of driving for Uber, but everyone else is so dumb to drive for Uber with loss. Yeah, that’s really ignorant. Ok, let’s hear again about your BS reasons why you’re still shamelessly driving for Uber while telling people how Uber screws and lies to them.

I finally dump her at a very old apartment building. I ask the usual question “do you have your phone, keys and personal stuff?” She says yes, gets out, and I think “now I can get out of here”.

Lot’s of input here already… let me just say that you should always side with your wife. Uber will email you when they are close to deactivating you for inactivity. Don’t bring your child. Not worth the risk or the hits your rating will take. As for the fat, bald, crappy music thing… Start listening to better music. The rest of it is all just life happening.