If you had the choice would you

A) finance a new vehicle
B) finance a used vehicle
C) lease a vehicle through Uber xchange

Looking for the best option to start driving, also looking at XL vehicles advice?

I’d never buy a vehicle specifically to drive for Uber/Lyft. My advice, only use what you have and use Uber/Lyft as supplemental income to your regular source of income.

Buy a used vehicle cash :+1: no need to be in debit to drive for uber/lyftBuy a used vehicle cash :+1: no need to be in debit to drive for uber/lyft

Yep…if you go into debt for a job you haven’t even done yet, you are making a mistake IMO.

If you have a qualified vehicle now, I would suggest signing up and start driving now.

I will say it until I’m blue in the face…you need to start learning how to do this

Face is blue already, no? Hahaha. So many car questions these past couple of days!

you damn well they will go out with no experience and no idea of what the area is like with their newly leased car, make no money, then when they do and Uber takes it they’ll be on here like WTF?

Oh well :joy:

I bought a new car towards the end of the year… Drove it for one day… Took an $11,900 tax credit… That’ll end up getting me $4000 back in my pocket on my tax return… And it gets a lot better mileage than my truck.

I’d actually go with the Uber lease (or something like flexdrive.com) short-term to test the XL waters before committing to an XL vehicle. If you get enough XL requests to keep you busy, then go for an older Dodge/Chrysler Minivan with a warranty. If you wind up driving mostly X then get a Prius and minimize your cost per mile.

Don’t finance anything. Debt is what will always keep you down. I’m completely debt free, and it’s the best thing you can do financially.

XL always gives a nice boost. I personally wouldn’t do it without an XL

I’ve been battling with this question. Because of the immense mileage I say buy new or rent.

If you have some confused notion that you will make anything close to what these companies advertise, STOP. Do not buy or rent a car just to do UBER/LYFT. Save your money and get a legit job.

The used vehicle may not meet Ubers standard and will not be as reliable as new or rental

purchasing a new car or renting a car doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. Its a machine - anything can go wrong at any given time.
I drive a 2006 Nissan Quest - sun roof - 4 moon roofs - leather interior and 2 dvd screens - I always get compliments and it did meet uber standards.

I’m not suggesting a used vehicle that does not meet standards… I’m simply suggesting a used vehicle… Let the buyer beware of the condition of the vehicle as well as Uber standards

Chrysler 300 C - purchased it for 6000 w less than 60 k
proof that you don’t need to pay crazy money for a car to be used on lyft or Uber.

  • sorry I reposted- I just noticed my licence plate # was showing - no bueno. Bunch of crazies out there lol *

Thats the way to do it! I assume you drive the 300 during the week, the Quest on the weekend, & trade off with your husband? What % XL rides do you get when driving the van?

to be honest - it varies … for NY its was 40% of my trips taken. I’m 10 mins from Pasadena and downtown LA 15 mins from Hollywood - right now its about 10-20% of my trips. Summer time 20-30% of my trips

Wasn’t planning on it Paul Lungu :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Machines arent meant to last - but can easily be restored.