If you don't like it, don't drive!

Some of you (obvs not all) are a whiney bunch of pussies. I get it. We all need a place to vent and air our concerns, get questions answered, talk shit on passengers, share funny stories (such as the old dude I drove to Ohare yesterday who spent the entire 40min ride telling me stories of his sexcapades), but do we really need to spell out lame occurrences such as ‘I had to do so-and-so for this passenger’ or ‘this asshole spilled rice on my seat’. Waaaaaaaaahhh!! Boo fucking hoo. Help your passengers out! Go the extra mile (pun intended). Collect some rad tips.
Rant over. Happy Sunday!

You are acting like those complaining… don’t like reading? Scroll past, part of being an adult

Some folk need a slight attitude adjustment. It’s called ‘customer service’. And I’m entitled to my opinion just as you are yours. Adults do that :slight_smile:

You’ve must have given a ride to that same old nasty fool who bragged about his 22 year old “girlfriend”. Picked him up at O’Hare and took him to River North. Went as far as to show me a topples picture of “what was waiting for him”.

No. Condos on Erie and Kingsbury. Must be a bunch of rich old perverts in the Chi!

Someone needs to read the book “The art of complaining” oh its a great book. Noone gives a solid fck

That might be the worse complaint I’ve read on this page yet! You are complaining about a PAX . . . AND you are complaining about complaining.

Oh look! Another dipshit. I guess you’d call your comment a complaint, as well. Nice. Didn’t think that one thru eh! Actually, that pervy old man was my fav ride of the day. It was funny and slightly awkward. At least he engaged. Again, not complaining! Just an observation of all the whiney entitled drivers these days.

Some people here really are a whiney bunch like these people who only come out here to complain about people who complain about uber.

Im picking up what he is putting down there are too many grinch ass clowns out there today

Ahahaha! CLEVELAND INDIANS fan. Makes sense why you’re so angry. Sucked in, you slightly overweight Tom Green lookalike.