If you don't have rideshare insurance, your not covered for collision in the time when your logged on as a driver without a passenger

So let me get this straight. So… obviously you need this. In Florida aparently there’s only one company that offers rideshare. And the only way they will give you rideshare insurance is if you have your entire policy with them. So right now I’m paying $220month for two cars. And if I switch to this company for JUST my car it would be $260… or $560 for both cars. :flushed: that’s outrageous!!! And I don’t have any other choice!?! Is it worth it?

Why even bother driving in that case, right? You’d be driving just to pay the difference.
I’m getting ready to switch insurance companies altogether because get rideshare on my current plan almost doubles what I am paying now.
TBH that decision is totally up to you… for me I’m not so sure

Yeah this quote is over double what I pay now. Ridiculous.

I contacted my insurance company and they said I was good to go with the coverage I had.

Most it is just an add-on, I myself pay about $12.00 a month more on top of my policy, Farmers

Yeah that’s what I heard. Farmers and foremost are the same company. Their polities are more expensive. This is who quoted me.

It’s not worth it unless you have an accident then it becomes worth it. The Uber insurance ONLY covers the passengers and liability for whatever or whoever you might hit, it never covers your car or you at all. So if you are in an accident without it and whether you are on a drive with a passenger, on your way to get one or just working with the app on and even if you don;t have a passenger, the rideshare insurance will cover you. But if your regular insurance finds out you are doing rideshare, they will drop you like a rock. Then you will have to get rideshare, after you have been dropped by another company which will make it even more expensive to get. Its a no win situation.

Check with Farmers! But you’ll need to give the your whole policy and if you give your homeowners they give a 20% discount on the auto!

I did both and when I did it the rideshare only cost me $9.22 a month additional!

I told the lady "hey everyone I’ve heard from said it only costs like $10 more a month for the ride share… so why is this more than double what I’m paying right now… she said "well farmers/foremost usually cover insurance policy for people who are high risk or whatever… so that’s why they charge more. And that’s why they are the only company that offers it here in Florida. I guess they charge what they want and price gouge because they have a monopoly here.

I got my ride share insurance in St Augustine by switching to Foremost through AAA. Call Dawn at 904 825 0298 x 2222. She helped me. I raised my coverage to 250/500. With rideshare. Full coverage and it was only a couple hundred a year more.

How much do you pay for that coverage per month? This quote was for 100/300.

I pay my insurance every 6 months to avoid the finance fee… so I do not know what the monthly quote would be. I did have her price out the 100/300 for me and it was not much more to do 250/500… so I went with it. Insurance rates are very subjective – credit score, driving history, marriage status, children in the household, homeowners, etc. If you call Dawn she will quote you… and call several agents to get a quote. I know I saved a good bit by having them write my policy for about week from applying. It was a discount for having insurance in place before applying. There are lots of discounts and Dawn helped me find all of them. Good luck! I switched from State Farm, because the did not offer Ride Share and if State Farm found out I was doing Ride Share they would cancel me (Remember, this is Florida… every state is different).

AAA IS MORE expensive then the company I get through. But she is only in California

The only real way to get around this is to park and wait for a ping. Once ping is accepted the story changes for insurance liability.

And your risking your insurance company discovering your a ride sharer and dropping you. Then good luck getting affordable insurance

If you have a pax in car and have an accident your insurance company will drop you when you try to cover the unpaid portion and they will not pay anything. They will find out from police report that you had a pax in car while ridesharing! Pax is not gonna say your a friend!

Ok, Progressive has signed on to be ride share ready… On the news… Not sure if they are in every state, I was dropped by Geico due to ride share, without notice, I went 45 days before I noticed the auto pays was not getting my money. I went Progressive, my full coverage on my Uber lease car is only 180.00mo …Thx to Geico its now up 20.00 mo from what I was paying… GL

For California, progressive is a no go. I went with Allstate. The insurance as a whole was a little more, but not much. The rideshare was only $2.44 per month! Tell Daniel that Julia sent you and he will work really hard to find you the best price!