If you do uber you are just digging your hole deeper

If you’re desperate for fast cash. Maybe do it 2-3 weeks tops. But then again if you sign up could take 2-3 weeks to get you on board. You are better going and getting help from a church or non profit. I volunteer at one, see it all the time. Trust me when the kids are fed and you have a roof over your head you can think clearly…

In truth you can make more money recycling bottles and cans out of trash cans or begging strangers for cash than driving for uber full time. If you drive full time you are in fact losing money and paying to drive people around.

If you work 50 - 60 hours a week, you will get slammed with milage. I see some reporting $1000+ a week but looks like they are doing 50K miles a year.

I would be concerned with your MPG and taking another hit. One thing to point out Uber Mileage is crappy mileage if you are not a hybrid. If you get 17 - 20 normal driving, with all the waiting, traffic and the like, I would not be surprised that your actual mileage is closer to 14 - 15

I thought that might be a good option, however there is a thread on here on how high the rates are and then you will need the TNC gap coverage in your state or you’re screwed without it.

Don’t do it. It may have worked up until about a year ago. Now, it’s like musical chairs and everyone has already sat down. And there are a million people still running in circles who don’t realize the game is over.

Driving a leased car with a mileage cap on it for Uber is insane. For that matter, driving anything for Uber with their current, slashed rates is insane.

With the rates as low as they are, you would not be even close to making the money you need to pay for the lease/rental through Uber exchange, let alone anything else. You think you’re in a bad position now, go for that exchange scam and see what happens.

I have an xchange lease, pretty much every thing you claimed is false. with the older program it may have been that way. The lease doesn’t include free maintenance, it’s free oil changes. maintenance on a new vehical is practically zero.

I’m thinking that the uber exchange is the only way it can be profitable but the only problems is I have a year left on my current car lease so I would have to pay for that car and the uber car included both insurances and I’m guessing I won’t be able to show a profit like that what do you think , my payment is $330 on current car insurance is like $140

With leasing, after subtracting gas and other minor expenses, if one is driving only for UberX in LA, on average, can the driver make more than minimum wage per hour?

The xchange program requires $250 as a deposit. Now once uber approves you, you go down to the dealership, pick your car and sign some paper work. they send it off to uber and Uber says it’s good to go.

I am telling you it’s a losing proposition. There are still too many cars on the road for you to make the kind of money you will need to cover both only your own car payments, but the lease as well. Don’t let desperation drive you into into getting in any deeper than you are.

I’m would definitely drive for Uber - as supplemental income. There simply aren’t enough “good” hours to work full time and the rates are too volatile.

Nothing is free, when sorrow says it is free, it means you will be getting waxed in the rear end. Go find a real job, don’t say you were not warned, also your car Lease I am sure does not allow you to use the car as a Taxi.

my car is 110 a week, it takes about 6 to 8 hours of driving and $20 gas to cover the payment. It’s really not hard. The 110 a week isn’t even out of my pocket when you break it down.

You already have a family to feed, why do you wanna add another member to it. Uber is that starving fat kid who will eat up the little food you would otherwise put on the table for the rest of you combined. You are much happier standing knee deep in a pool of shite, with uber you just do a headstand in that pool.