If you are looking at Ubering as a business or a job then you are only making $0.72 per mile

I have been driving for over 2 months now and am averaging $1.28 per miles driven, when $0.56 is taken away accounting for gas, depreciation, etc. I am left with $0.72 per mile driven for uber. Doing 12+ hours, you really amount to approximately 75,000 miles driven a year. Uber will continue to get suckers for a long time, hey there are over 6 billion people in this world, but I can tell it is a disruptor certainly not a sustainable business model. What I fail to understand is how come all these investors keep investing in this company.

It is possible at 1 million trips a day Uber most likely has $540 million gross revenue per year.

Uber can survive and thrive only if the taxi business closes and Uber starts paying uber drivers as much in fares as a taxi gets.

Today right now is not a good day. It was good early in the morning but not now. Im logged off doing chores and catching up at home. My suggestion is to start at 3-4am and try to get airport fares. Lots of people going there in the early am and too few drivers.

One thing I want to clarify. I do not automatically deadhead back home. Instead I do what makes sense at the time. Today I saw no cops at Newark airport so I decided to circle around trying to get a fare and I did. It was risky but I did it. Sometimes if its later in the morning I will head to Linden to catch the work crowd. If its early early than I will head back and go try for a 2nd airport run or a city. Everything I do has to make sense at the time and nothing is automatic.

I was making 2 grand a week before gas and taxes when I started driving for Uber in the summer. That’s before Uber cut 20% prices. I was getting up at 5:30 am and driving 14 hours a day for 6 days a week.
I’m now driving 10 hrs a day for 5 days a week, starting at 10-11 am and grossing about $1,500- a week. Utilizing Lyft app to minimize downtime. And yes, I’m chasing the surges and cherry-picking the rides.

Uber is certainly not a career and it shouldnt be, but if you want extra cash or are sitting on the couch this is a great idea. I would rather see someone driving for Uber than on the couch.

To be clear, I would not want anyone quitting a job for Uber. No way! Work the job and uber on the side.

You’re bragging about how much money you’re making, as if UBER is actually working for you. We are just pointing out that you are not making as much money as you think. Instead of sharing info and participating in the dialogue like most of us do, you are getting extremely defensive of UBER, not of your own situation.

We know how you allegedly did it! You told us! We do this, too. We are pointing out that you are not making as much as you think because you are not accounting for expenses!

While you may personally think it’s bad PR, the thousands and thousands of new drivers they hire each week are listening to the hype that the Uber PR/Marketing team is creating.

So - yes it’s good, meaning the PR team is earning their keep also meaning it’s good for Uber. For current drivers, it’s not so good.

We ARE talking strategy! We are talking about money we actually make! You keep firing back without answering the questions we’re asking. If you show us that you are indeed bringing in $2,000 per week after fees and expenses, we’ll eat our words.

No I didnt account for expenses. I have not run a spreadsheet, but I do try to minimize as much as I can. Its a good point. Like I said before there are taxes and expenses.

And we are showing you what those expenses are. Maybe they’re different for you…

But if you have that kind of time and dedication, you could be making $100,000 a year, I’m sure! (just not on Uber.)

My market is super saturated right now. I work twice as hard to make half as much thanks to the rate cuts. Had the flu this week, so this week’s pay will suck. But on a normal week, I’m lucky to make $500. It’s rapidly becoming not worth it. I’ll probably be hitting up TXRides for a job at some point. Or go back to contract killing.

Quite honestly if I need to sit here and tell you that you will have to spend money on gas and tolls than maybe you need to rethink this Uber driving. Of course you are going to spend money gas and tolls. I should not have to tell you. There is a basic level of business knowledge you need here and that comes with knowing that you will have to pay for the gas. I drive a Toyota Hybrid and get 32 mpg on average. Sometimes as high as 40 mpg.

Just curious as well Sub … How many trips have you done so far and what is your Driver rating as of today??
I would be interested in a screen shot off your drivers app to help validate your true driver existence.
This can also be done anonymously as I have done here several times before myself!